Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Month for Giving Thanks- Day 2

Day 2

Today, I am praising the Lord for His provision.  Specifically, through the hard work of my husband.  God has blessed Travis with work since the day we brought Emma home from the hospital, he has never been without it, even in this sketchy economy.  Not only that, but God has provided well enough for us never to have to consider me needing to work to supplement his income.  I have been able to be the full time homemaker I have always wanted to be, and because I know there's no guarantee this will always be the case, I am flat on my face with gratitude!  We have a home, food in our pantry and fridge, clothes on our backs, cars to drive and far more wants than we deserve.  My prayer is that as I ponder the tremendous blessing of God's provision, I would be moved more and more every day to give and overflow to others in need.  That I would have a spirit of true contentment, of understanding that nothing is mine, but all the Lords.  I am but a steward of every material and non-material gift He has given me.  I pray that I would be a good steward, that greedy or materialistic would never be words to describe me.  Thank you father, for abundantly providing for all my needs!

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