Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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New Obsession!

If I would have known what yesterday morning would start, I might have stayed home! I am part of a mom's group at my church called Mom's for Mom's. We meet every other Tuesday morning for two hours. Yesterday was craft/hobby day. I attended a session on learning to knit and let's just say, a hobby was born! I even skipped my other session so I could practice more. It was frustrating to learn the two stitches at first, but I am happy to report that after a couple hours of practicing last night, I have both the knit stitch and purl stitch down. Now I wouldn't say I've perfected them, practice makes "perfect" right, but I really think I'm going to have fun with this! I promise I'll show you all my first finished product, imperfections and all. Just what I needed, one more activity to beckon me during this busy holiday season. I'm definitely going to have to put limits on this.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Couldn't Help Myself!

It's no secret to most of you that I LOVE the holiday season! I tried to wait til after Thanksgiving, really I did, but as you can see patience is not one of my strong fruits, so here you have it! If the music is too much too soon, feel free to pause my play list or turn off your sound. And to those of you who can appreciate that Christmas music is far too wonderful to only play it for a couple weeks out of the year, AMEN! Happy Holidays! (Thanksgiving included;)).

Monday, November 10, 2008

My New Look

As you can plainly see, I've changed the look of my blog. I just had to jump on the bandwagon. I still have some fine tuning to do, but so far I'm loving it. As you can also see, my blog sister's list is much shorter. It's NOT because I don't still want all you lovely ladies on the list, it's simply because I lost your links in the change over process, so PLEASE give them to me so I can get each of you up there. And if you just read my blog, but never/rarely comment, come out of hiding:). I'd love hear from you! That about covers it for this evening. I must get to bed before Sawyer wakes up again for a feeding.

The Genes

It's just amazing to me, the way God combines the genes of two parents and creates a unique little person. And even more amazing to me is getting to see this happen three times in my own family! Just for fun, here's a look at each of our kids at about 10 weeks old. "Fearfully and wonderfully made..." they each are, not a cell in the wrong place! It's so humbling and wonderful getting to be their mama:).SawyerChloeEmma

Sunday, November 09, 2008


It has been no small task, trying to get a picture of Sawyer's gorgeous little smile. But I am happy to report, mission accomplished. He won't smile at the camera, only at people, so I've had to focus him through the viewfinder of my camera, then hold it in place while I move to the side. Whew! This was work!As you can see, the boy eats well! One would think he's packing nuts in his cheeks and double chin!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Share Your Favorites!

Okay, so I know this may seem a little early to some of you, and for others, EXTREMELY too early, but since it's my blog, I guess I get to write about what I want right:). I'm asking all my readers to share your favorite holiday CDs. When you write your comment, be sure to tell us the title and why you love it so much. I'll start. It's hard for me to come up with one favorite, so I'll tell you about a few. First of all, I LOVE my two disc set called, "The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas".It's got all the classic Christmas songs sung by all the classic vocalists. It just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, there's nothing like it! My second choice is "Cyrus Chestnut and Friends, A Charlie Brown Christmas". It's basically the soundtrack to Charlie Brown Christmas with several other feel-good Christmas jazz tunes. Then there's the whole Mannheim Steamroller Christmas collection. A more modern sound, but they create the magical Christmas feeling nonetheless. Travis and I have actually been to a Mannheim Steamroller concert, it was amazing!
So join the fun! Share your favorites so we can all build our Christmas music libraries with music that has been tested and highly approved!