Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Already Showing!

I can hardly believe it, but I'm just 13 weeks along and already showing! I guess the newest little member to our family wants to make themselves known, and is doing a great job at pooching right on out! We are so excited to welcome this little blessing to our family in August. Hopefully we'll be nice and settled in our new home by then, if all goes well. Our move in date has been pushed back to end of June, but we're trying our best to be patient. We're seeing it as more time to save money. We hope you all are enjoying our new website. I'll try to keep it updated as regularly as I can.
Love, Sarah

Curious George (or Georgette)!

Life is blooming inside me again and my heart is so elated! This is my 13 week ultrasound of our little baby bug, or curious george as he/she's recently been named. Seeing that little face just melts my heart, I can't believe I am becoming a mother again, what a tremendous and undeserved blessing! I should start feeling those little kicks and movements just any time now. I swear I've already felt some, but I'm sure it will become more obvious in the coming weeks.

Daddy's LIttle Girl

If ever a little girl shined in the light of her Daddy's pride, Emma Grace is that little girl. She is so blessed to have such a wonderful Dada. His face lights up when he comes in the door after work and she does the cutest little Daddy's home excited dance. The rest of the evening is full of kisses and tickles and dancing and wrestling. Her favorite evening activity is dancing to salsa with Daddy and asking mommy to watch. She's so proud of the relationship she has with her Daddy. I always tell Travis he's doing his job if he's creating nearly impossible shoes for the guys in her life to fill. He's doing a great job so far!

Mommy's Big Girl!

Being goofy together is our favorite thing to do. Laughter is the best medicine right?! Being a full time wife and mother isn't always glamorous or easy, but there sure is no other profession I'd rather have. What a responsibility and a blessing and a pleasure to be responsible for raising and shaping this little girl, by God's Grace alone, into the princess He has called her to be. I am "Called and Accountable", as the title of my recent Bible study reads, and I enjoy obeying this calling on my life.

Cheesy at the Table

Miss Gracie cracking herself up again, being cheesy eating her cheese! Our little peanut loves to laugh, at just about anything, but especially herself. We recently discovered one of her favorite things to laugh at, videos of herself. We were watching some last night and Travis and I were in awe at how much she has grown and changed! She was such a chubby baby and all eyes. She was just rolling the whole time and kept saying, "Emma, baby". In this particular picture we had just taken her hair out of a ponytail. We called her Cindi Loo Hoo, no bigger than two (from the Grinche).

In Mommy's Shoes

Too big for her britches? Well, too big for mommy's shoes for sure, but she sure doesn't think so. Emma Grace loves to do what Travis and I do, mimicing is her favorite passtime lately. I'm thinking potty training isn't too far off, we'll see if Mommy is up for it next month. It's all about finding that balance, as in everything, not pushing too hard, but not holding them back for lack of opportunity. We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Our little peanut, posing for her close-up. This is the picture we sent in to Live with Regis and Kelly for their beautiful baby contest. If she makes it to the top ten, you'll get the chance to vote, we'll keep you posted.

Family Picture, 2005

Our family picture, 2005. This was our Christmas picture, we were so surprised we got a picture where we were all smiling nicely. But leave it to our little social sweetheart to give us plenty of smiles. She's quite the young lady at 16 months here. She's now 18.5 months and growing up before our eyes! She's quite the advanced little talker, her newest word is tortilla and she says it with perfect pronounciation. I guess her hispanic genes are coming through in her vocabulary.

Our goofy little girl is our favorite entertainment! Who needs movies or broadway when we have this little face to watch?! And the party will only get better when Emma's new little brother or sister joins us, we can't wait!