Thursday, September 25, 2008

One Month Old!

We don't see this face very often luckily, but even the fuss face is adorable don't you think.
Bath time is pleasant once we've convinced the boy he's warm.
Don't you just want to eat those cheeks!
Sawyer loves his big sister Chloe. She's so good at holding him and is already developing endearing nicknames for him. Right now it's "baby soyoh", said with a cute little slang. Don't be mistaken, she knows how to pronounce "Sawyer" with complete accuracy, so this really is her sweet nickname for him.
Big sister Emma is such a great helper! She hands me diapers and wipes, inserts the pacifier when needed, and Sawyer has even fallen asleep on her. This little boy sure is lucky, although I'm sure he won't see it that way for quite some time;).
Notice the mouse? Yes, I'm sorry son, but I'm sure it's not the last act of play you will be the victim of. This is nothing compared to the ballet outfits your sisters will dress you in some day.
The G.Q. pose. Yes, I know I'm handsome.
Such sweetness!
Mommy's boy
Chillin with best friend Miciah
Daddy's boy
Sweet dreams
Can it really be that one month has passed since our precious little man entered this world? It hardly seems possible, but at the same time, it seems as though he's always been a part of our family. As we get to know and love Sawyer more and more each day, we can hardly remember what life was like without him. He's just plain edible! He's getting more and more aware of his surroundings these days, it's so much fun to watch him try to focus on our faces. His lips purse in deep concentration as his eyes open wide to take us in. I love to play with his soft, newborn feet while he's nursing or cup his tiny head in my hand. I am freezing these moments, these sensations in my heart forever. With my first baby, I rushed along the milestone chart, always anxious for the next stage. But now, with what will more than likely be my last baby, I would give anything to make time stand still. I am drinking in newborn, inhaling this time, letting it swirl in my mouth so as not to miss a single flavor! Sawyer my boy, you bring my heart such joy each day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Invisable Woman

Just had to share this great video. I know new Sawyer pictures are in order, and I promise they are coming soon, but in the mean time, enjoy this as much as I did!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that I will temporarily be without a computer. We've been using my step dad's laptop since our hard drive crashed a few months ago, but he's needing it back now since he's having computer problems of his own. So, until we are able to buy a new computer, I'll have limited time on Travis's work laptop. I'll let you know as soon as I'm back to fulltime. I hope you are all enjoying this last official week of summer and that your fall is glorious!
Love, Sarah

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Finding Our Rhythm

Sawyer is two weeks old today! I'm happy to report that he is over his birth weight now at 8lb. 11oz. We were a little concerned when he was only 7lb. 13oz. at his one week appointment, but the doctor thought it was probably due to his mild jaundice. He's nursing beautifully, sleeping just as he should at this age, and we are ever so slowly finding our new rhythm. I am discovering that we really need a routine to propel us through our days. During the past two weeks, I've been lucky to get a shower in before noon! As I sit and nurse and look at all the clutter that so quickly accumulates on my floors and counters, there is this sort of helplessness that creeps in; "how am I EVER going to do it all?!" But then God whispers in my ear, "you can do all things through ME! I will give you the strength and ability." And that does not mean my house will be pristine or that my laundry will always be caught up or that gourmet meals will grace our table each night. But it does mean that God will carry me through this stage in our lives, He will enable me to do what is necessary, to live our lives according to the priorities He has given us, and that gives me great peace when the panic starts to rise. Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to life as a family of five! Specifically that we would be wise in our parenting and discipline, able to stay consistent with the girls. Also pray for me as I develop a flexible schedule for us so that we can accomplish more than movie-watching and getting dressed in a given day:(. Thank you all so much for your love and support, even if we rarely hear from you, that fact that you care enough to read our updates means a lot and we especially appreciate your prayers.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One Week

Today marks the end of Sawyer's first week in this world. It has been a beautiful week to be sure! Every time I breathe in the sweet baby smell and feel and sound of my precious son, I exhale a "thank you" to the Lord for this amazing gift. If he is indeed my last baby, I want to be sure not to miss a moment of this newborn time to hurried anxiety for more sleep or excitement for the next stage. No, I want time to stop, to linger as long as it will with every grunt and sigh and beautiful cry. I want every kiss I lay to store up memories that will never fade. Sleep sweet angel, nurse in the dark hours, snuggle your head into my chest and don't grow a minute older!