Monday, April 28, 2008

20 Week Belly and Other Spring Growth!

Well folks, we're half way there! I can hardly believe it! Little Sawyer gives me plenty of kicks and punches throughout the day these days. It's absolutely my favorite part of being pregnant. And calling him by his name now is such a treat. It always makes me feel just a little closer to my baby when I'm able to call them by name. In other news, our fence is coming along nicely. We've nearly reached the picket stage, which should go quickly once we start. We've gone back and forth about whether to do seed or sod and have decided on sod. It will mean waiting on a few things, like patio furniture, but I think it will be worth it to have instant lawn. My tomatos are bursting out of their little starter pots and are very ready to be transplanted. I'll start the hardening off process next week and hopefully get them in the garden by mother's day. We'll get all the other seeds in too and start watching them grow! The buds on our trees and bushes are finally blooming into leaves and flowers, ah the beginning of the best three seasons of the year.This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to a women's retreat with my mom and sister at Camp Elim. What a wonderful time of refreshing and challenge. Our speaker was Kathy Drown, daughter of Nate Saint who was one of the five men martyred in the Equadorian jungle bringing the gospel to the most violent tribe in the world at the time. One of the men was Jim Elliot, Nate Saint was the piolet. Anyway, along with her amazing family story of faith worth dying for, she shared some beautiful and challenging truths from the Word about our calling to pass our faith on to our children. She gave such practical suggestions, along with TONS of supporting scripture. The biggest point I took away from the weekend was the importance of being purposeful in this calling. And that without the foundation of a genuine, growing, and overflowing walk with the Lord ourselves, our efforts will be empty and fruitless. God really used Kathy to speak to me this weekend and I'm praying so hard that the change in my heart will become life change. To close, I'll leave you with a beautiful picture I took of Pikes Peak on our way down from the retreat. Such beauty!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

IT'S A...

Well, our first idea was to share the video we took of us in the ultrasound room finding out "the news", but we've had the hardest time getting the video to upload. It may be too long. But here are some pictures of our precious one. You'll get the big news at the bottom:).

Side view. It was hard to get a profile shot because my placenta was in the way.
Face, arm and handsFlexing muscles
Boy parts between two legs.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Hope For YOU!

For those of you who don't already know, we're having our diagnostic ultrasound this Thursday and yes, we'll be peeking to find out if it's a boy or girl. Going into Thursday, I can't help but feel a sort of pressure that I just have to talk about here. When you have two girls, it seems almost inevitable that everyone assumes you are hoping for a boy, and vice versa if you have two boys. This seems to be especially true since this will most likely be our last, Lord willing of course:). Now while we'd be lying if we said we're not curious what a boy would bring to the mix, what it would be like to parent a child of the opposite sex, I can't say that we're "hoping" for anyone other than exactly who God created in my womb. In our own limited view of our lives, and in our simple human logic, of course we've thought, it would be nice to have a boy. As I've dialogued with Travis about it, we understand how natural it is to desire a child of your own sex, someone "like you", to teach and train in "the ways of man or womanhood". I know that if I had two sons right now, I would be diligently praying for a daughter, but again, that would be in my own wisdom and understanding of what fulfills my life. And don't get me wrong, it's not just Travis who desires a son. I too would love to know that special relationship between mother and son.
But all this brings me to where our hearts are at a mere two days before the big ultrasound. And please know that these are not just words we've convinced ourselves to believe. This is really, truly where God has us, and it feels really good, all glory to Him! We know, that before this little baby in my womb was created, every hair on his/her head was numbered. Every day of their lives was ordained for them before one came to pass. Our precious Father, in His infinite wisdom, even took into consideration our family dynamics. And here's the part that fills my heart to bursting! He decided that Travis and I, full of weaknesses and faults that stretch a mile high, would be just the parents for this little life. That we needed this baby in our journey of growth towards deeper intimacy with Him, and that this baby needs us. Humbling? Incredibly so! And so don't you see? To "hope for" anyone other than exactly who this person is, girl or boy, seems pretty arrogant and silly. Do we really presume to know better than the God of the universe? The God who loves us so much that He sent His own son to die for us? The God who loves us more than any human love can match? Certainly not! We already love this baby, for exactly who they are. Thursday to us is an exciting chance to get to know this little one just a little bit more, and we can't wait! And we can't wait to share our news with you as well.
Baby (insert last name), we want YOU! We hope for YOU! We can't wait to see YOU on that ultrasound screen! Love, Mommy, Daddy, Emma, and Chloe xoxoxo

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Life in Pictures

It's been far too long since I've shared a nice, full slideshow with you all. Enjoy this little slice of our lives, through pictures.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Weekend Prayers

There is a special family that is facing one of the most heart wrenching things I've ever heard of and they could really use our focused and heartfelt prayers this weekend, and especially on Monday. To read their story, click on this link: Bring the Rain. You'll need to click on the January link under archives, then scroll down to the last post to get the story from the beginning. To the God of all comfort be all the glory.
And please continue to pray for Tricia, Nate, and Gwyneth this weekend as Tricia is beginning the tedious process of healing and recovery from her double lung transplant.
In addition, if you feel so lead, please join me in praying for all the childless couples we know and love who are struggling with infertility, simply longing for life to be created between them. The journey can be so heartbreaking when month after month, the answer is "no". Let's pray for a resounding and lasting YES!
Lastly, please visit my good friend Anne Marie's blog to read about and watch a clip that brought me to tears. In a word, I will not be watching Oprah anymore.