Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just for fun!

Who's who? These next four pictures are of Chloe and Emma, both at around 6-7 months. You can certainly tell they are sisters can't you! Can you guess who is who?
Emma and Mommy, January 2005
Chloe and Mommy, February 2007

Emma, February 2005Chloe, March 2007
Are my girls beautiful or what!?
Start saving up those cattle to stake your claim for your little sons:)

Friday, March 16, 2007

A month gone by

Wow! It's hard to believe a whole month has passed since I last posted pictures and an update. In mommy time, it has only seemed like a day, can anyone relate? This first picture is one of my new favorites. Emma has become so nurturing to Chloe these days, sometimes I wonder who the mom is! She's always asking to hold Chloe and making little coos at her, giving her toys, helping her sit back up when she falls down, tickling her, kissing her goodnight before naps, feeding her and talking to her the same way I do, nick names and all. She's even invented some of her own nick names for Chloe that have stuck, like Chloclock, Coa, and Baby Moses.
We had a nice little get away to visit my parents and sister and family last weekend.
Chloe's first experience in a swing was a hit! Especially with Nana's face zooming in and out as she went. We are loving these gorgeous spring days, gotta love CO.
One of the best things about staying at Nana's house is getting to make breakfast with her. Emma thoroughly enjoyed pouring all the ingredients in the bowl for pancakes and then wisking them up, she was so proud.
I call this my angel baby shot of Chloe. The sun was coming in one of our bedroom windows one morning and gave Chloe this glow that just made us want to eat her up. She doesn't need a glow to give us that desire, but it certainly increased it.
Miss Moses is sitting by herself now quite well. In fact, she much prefers sitting to laying down any day and is sure to make that clear. She can roll over both ways, but hasn't really had much interest in the skill. I think crawling is just around the corner, but I hope she holds off a little longer. Once they are mobile, watch out!
Chloe's adoring Papa. She's quite smitten with him as long as mommy is around. In fact, mommy has to be around for her to be happy with anyone these days. I must be honest, it's flattering that she is such a momma's girl, but at times it would be nice to get away without knowing that there is waling going on at home.
My poor girls, and I, were stuck with a nasty cold a couple weeks ago. I really thought it was against some ancient law for mothers to be sick at the same time as their children, but aparently not. This face Emma is making sums up how all three of us felt. Nothing like a good cuddle in Grammy's arms though to heal all wounds.
We sadly said goodbye to my grandpa Gale last month. What a wonderful life he lived, he will be so missed. But it was a great time to reunite with family. This picture was taken at Granny's house after the memorial service. Nana and Grandpa just can't stop smiling when their precious grandkids are around.
This next shot is my silly little peanut needing to "be little" like her sister. Every now and then she asks to nurse or sucks her thumb or wants to sit in the front pack like Chloe does. She'll always be my baby, and I must admidt, I'm happy to ablige! But I was a little worried that sucking her thumb might stick, so a quick little scare tactic did the trick. I told her that when big girls suck their thumbs, sometimes they fall off! I highly doubt that tactic will work on Chloe when she needs to stop the habit, but who knows.
Chloe looks quick grown up in this next shot, she just loves being with her sister, she's just facinated with her.
So we're thinking Chloe may have Daddy's face/head shape, nose, chin and mouth. She's definitely got my eyes we think, but some people think she looks so much like her daddy. I think each of my daughters is a Travis clone in her own way, maybe if we have a son next he'll look like me?
Well, not much new to report, other than we are absolutely gleeful that spring is here! We have big plans for walks to the near-by school playground and picnics and gardening and BBQ's! We'll be pouring our back patio soon and seeding grass. A fence and other landscaping will have to wait until next spring. Stay in touch, and God bless you! Happy spring!
Love, Sarah

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Personality or Practice?

Once in awhile, a topic or issue comes up so much in my life that I feel I must talk or write about it, just to process it. Have you ever heard someone say, in the defense of a certain behavior, "that's just how I am!"? Or have you ever been the one to say it? Here are some examples of phrases I've heard, "I'm just a blunt person, if people get their feelings hurt, it's their problem, they just don't want to face the truth." Or, "I just don't like conflict, so I'll just ignore the person until the problem disappears, that's just how I handle things." There are countless other phrases I can think of, "I'm not a trouble maker, I just have a bad temper" or "I'm not lazy, I'm just not domestic or my bosses are difficult" but you get the idea. And believe me, I'm preaching to the choir! Isn't it amazing how quick we are to blame someone else or some unchangeable quality in us for the behaviors we don't want to change? If we convince ourselves that it isn't broken, then we don't need to fix it, right! So I've been thinking about this concept of the difference between who we are and what we choose to do, and this is what I'm coming to. I think far too often, we blame a practice, a behavior, a life style, on a supposed personality characteristic, our genetic make-up as it were as a cop out to continue in, and feel okay about, that behavior without a need for growth. Because after all, how can someone expect us to change the essence of who we are? But I would propose that we are far more changeable than we want to admit. After all, for those of us who have received the Lord, we are a new creation, "the old has gone, the new has come!" And is there ANYTHING God can't do in us?! Amen! So where am I going with this? Just right to the heart hopefully, mine included. Sure we all have certain bents or struggles that are different than those of others. Someone who's naturally verbal may have a harder time biting their tongue, for instance, but are they any less responsible for the words that come out of their mouth simply because they have a harder time with it? Of course not! But this in no way means that we should be any harder on ourselves, especially as woman, than we already are. The Lord knows we already live under far too many umbrellas of inadequacy than we should. But what I'm suggesting is that we own up to what our struggles REALLY are. Don't call apples bananas! I would propose that it is nothing short of a clever plot of the evil one to convince us that our sharp tongue, or laziness, or insecurity, or whatever the case may be is simply an eternal part of "who we are". We are people in process, always needing growth, being sanctified. We will never "arrive", and we're not supposed to here on earth, so we also need to give ourselves and others the Grace we've been given, amen!. But we ARE supposed to grow, so let's not be stagnant, believing the lie that we can't, nor should we try to change. Vulnerability is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others! It's not going to be easy to admit where we need to change, nor is going to be easy to do the changing, but as I've always believed, anything worth anything often treads the most difficult path. But thank goodness we don't have to do it alone! And God even promises to carry us when it gets too hard, to be our strength, our everything. So the victory belongs to Him! Bottom line, let's start calling apples, apples so we can be refined into all that God has called us to be. That's my opinion, take it for what it's worth.