Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Month for Giving Thanks- Day 3

Day 3
Friendship.  Such a commonly used word and yet there are so many different interpretations of what it means.  Today, I am thankful for the true and Godly friendships God has blessed me with in my life.  With my husband and with the beautiful women whose hearts I have come to know and love.  Friendship, to me, is what God describes in scripture as true brother/sisterhood in Christ.  Relationships where we offer forgiveness before it is ever asked for, where intimate accountability is desired and offered in love as we both desire to grow more like Christ, where humility and servanthood are given, without the expectation of equality.  It is a place where we can be real and open and honest, a listening ear for breaking hearts, an encouraging word in times of despair, a challenge towards righteousness in times of our weakness, prayer together when the best place for us is at the foot of the cross.  Friendship is the closest extension of God's love for us we can come to in human form, more and more beautiful the closer we draw to Him.  It is pouring out our lives for each other, considering each other more important than ourselves.  To all of you who have been and are this type of friend to me, I want you to know how very thankful I am for you!  I praise God for you and pray to grow more and more in my love for you.  You are gifts from above, God with skin on to me, He has used you in ways you will never know to bless, challenge, and grow my heart.


Gwyn said...

I'm looking forward to reading your "days of giving thanks." I'm also thankful for your friendship and to grow in it more!

Sheri said...

Ah sweet Sarah, what a beautiful idea for this Thankful Month! And, I want you to know that as your "blogging friend" and sister in Jesus, I'm so thankful for your friendship too!!! *Thanksgiving Hugs*