Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two Months Old!

First, a few fall photos. These are two of the pumpkins we grew in our garden this year. The girls can't wait to carve them this week!
This is our dwarf burning bush right in front of our house. Beautiful color!
And finally, our little man Sawyer is two months old today! I love his ability to raise just one eyebrow, very debonair!
And this is the closet I've gotten to capturing his beautiful smile. The peak of the smile is much bigger than this and often has little coos and sounds accompanying it, I'll keep trying to capture it. He's been smiling for weeks now and with a touch of pride I say, he smiles at ME the most.
We're starting to work on tummy time now, but I must say his neck and back are already very strong. He has his two month appointment tomorrow, so I'll be sure to post his stats. I'm predicting he's going to be on the tall side of the scales, we'll see. One of these days I'll get a video up here so you can see the boy in action.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sharing The Love!

Hello to all my wonderful blog friends. I have a favor to ask of anyone who feels so led. I have a dear friend who could really use some gently used baby boy clothes in sizes six months up to about 18-24 months. Her little guy and Sawyer are about three weeks apart, so she'll be needing winter in the littler sizes for right now and so on as the seasons go (we live in Colorado). This is number three boy for them, but a sweet little surprise nonetheless, and they so generously gave away ALL their baby clothes to another woman in need. They are having some financial struggles, so I just thought I would try to help her out a bit in this way. If you are able to send some clothes, email me and I'll get you my address so you can send them to me to protect her privacy. Thanks in advance!
Always, Sarah

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Everyone Else's Home

Is it just me, or does anyone else fall into the comparison trap? Perhaps I'm more prone to this sinful behavior due to some of my first born, perfectionist tendencies, but either way, sin is sin right! And let me be clear here, most of my comparing has no basis in fact; how pathetic is that!? Most of the time, I'm comparing myself (and falling short of course) to things I only imagine other people have or do. Here's a little monologue I shamefully play in my head at times:
"In other people's homes, I bet the floors and counters are always clutter free. I bet their floors are always swept and mopped and their windows are free of little finger smudges. I bet other people's bathrooms never have pink rings in the toilet or toothpaste splatters on the mirrors or make-up drips in the sinks. I bet other people's showers are always free of soap scum and their window sills free of dust and their carpets free of crumbs and... well I bet their houses are always perfectly clean! And I bet other people's children never fight or disobey or sass their mommies and I bet those mommies never respond in anger. I bet other parents are always perfectly consistent in discipline and have children who respond perfectly and lastingly to each episode of chastisement. I bet other mom's fix gourmet meals for their families every night and have children who quietly and serenely color in coloring books for the entire time it takes to prepare the meal. I bet other mom's get up at 5:00am every morning for a quiet time and a rigorous workout routine, even after only 5 hours of broken sleep..." And on and on it goes! I am confessing this here because I want to change. I want to turn from the sin of comparison and bask in the promises of my Savior. He promises to be glorified in my weaknesses, to give me strength when I rely fully on Him, and most importantly, He promises to love me with an unfailing love! Where is there room for shallow comparison when we humble our hearts before the Lord and realize what He did for us when there is nothing we could ever do to deserve it? We are all in the same boat, we all fall drastically and lethally short of God's glory and are in desperate need of Jesus Christ. Without Him, we are nothing, and no amount of good deeds is going to change that. And are we really loving one another when we try to appear that we have it all together or are we perpetuating the comparison game even more, keeping our focus on what WE can do instead of who CHRIST is?
So, my challenge to myself and anyone else who sees themselves in me is; let's be open and real with one another. Let's let people see our cluttered, dirty houses once in awhile. Who knows, it might just bless the socks off of them to see that "other people" can't keep it all together all the time either. This in no way means we stagnate in laziness of course, but rather that we link elbows in a sort of understanding that our jobs are hard and we don't always do them perfectly. Let's share our parenting struggles so we can glean from other's experiences and strengths. And if we have times of success and strength, let's not be tempted to judge or look down on those who are struggling, but rather, let's put on a servants heart (and perhaps some cleaning gloves) and serve our sisters in Christ, both through acts and through words of encouragement.
Just me growing, As The Lord Works:).

Saturday, October 11, 2008

These Simple Days

The accomplishments of a given day are looking a little different of late. I see it as a successful day if we are all dressed, hair done, and I have make-up on before Travis gets home from work. Other items that make the list, the dishwasher has been emptied and filled and the kitchen is clean. And the big climax? Dinner is on the table! Now if laundry gets done, I'm giving myself an A+! Somehow, we've managed to squeeze in cleaning bathrooms and occasional vacuuming and dusting, but let's not get too crazy.My beautiful little prince is on a great routine now, eating about every three hours, taking decent naps, and giving us the occasional smile during awake time. He really is such a sweet, mellow little guy, the pride and joy of all who know him!
Now this face is a mix between great Grandpa Hootie and daddy. My interpretation of this look is, "What is that big, black thing you keep putting in my face?"
Nothing like a morning snuggle with my warm, freshly showered daddy!
Needing a little space, Chloe.
Believe it or not, we have gotten away from the every day simplicity. This was taken last weekend when we took a Sunday drive up through Rocky Mountain National Park. Notice the elk in the background? We got some neat close-up shots of some beautiful bucks that I'll share another time.
Just another shot of my gorgeous little man. In milestone news, the gloves are off! That's right, those little mitten cuff onsies are a thing of the past. I just love seeing his little hands all the time now, but it also means time is marching on:(. Sawyer is so long he's already in some 3-6 month jammies!
This was the tail end of a smile, but you get the idea.
Can you believe this long, leaning out little preschool girl was as small as the little peewee on the right just a mere two years ago!? I sure can't.
This, my friends, is my heart walking around outside my body. Hearts have four chambers though don't they? Hmmm... more on that another time. Let's just say we think we're complete, but we're not 100% sure. Ask me on a hard day, and it's 200%, but ask me on a good day and it's about 90%.
There is beauty in these simple days. The world doesn't see the value of what I do each day, but I know my Father does, I cling to that when I am at the end of myself. And it is my prayer that, despite my own sin and shortcomings, my children will one day look back on their childhood and say, "Thank you for staying home with us mom, it meant so much!" But more importantly I pray that they will see, in my example, their desperate need for Jesus, that I will point them to Him.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Don't Smile!

As strange as it may sound, don't smile my son! For when you start smiling, you will no longer be my smileless newborn, so fresh from within me. Don't stop needing your mitten cuff onsies that keep you from scratching your face. Keep your little fingers hidden so I can have the joy of uncovering them whenever I choose, like little kissable presents. My sweet little man, don't stop smelling like a newborn, that intoxicating smell on your head that doesn't wash off with lavander shampoo. Change and grow you must, I know, but not too fast please, not too fast! Sing your milky breath into my nose as I dance your woes away. Mama is here, snuggle in close, let's push pause, clocks be gone!