Monday, January 26, 2009

Five Months!

Happy five months little man!
This month, you've really learned to play with toys. You focus so intently on them, move them between one hand and the other, it's so precious to watch! You can roll over now, both ways, but usually prefer to just chill where we put you, and I can't complain. Your back and tummy muscles are getting stronger by the day and you'll be sitting by yourself in no time. We introduced solids this month, and you took to your cereal like a champ! It seems to make you a little gassy, so we've backed off for a bit, but I'm sure by the six month marker, you'll be tasting all kinds of yummy fruits and veggies right along with your cereal.

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's Friday, and I'm SO ready for a weekend! Today I'm busy doing house work, you know the kind that never ends. Yes, no matter how many loads of laundry I do, I'm still surprised how fast the hamper fills up again. You'd think I'd have it figured out by now, there will always be laundry to do! But I try to remember that all that laundry means I am blessed with a family who dirties their clothes. All the toy clutter and shoes and socks and random items on my floor means I have healthy children who are active and like to play. Those crumbs on my kitchen floor mean that we have food to eat. As for me not getting a shower before lunch time, yes even that is cause for gratitude. It means that I am busy doing the most important job I can think of, caring for, teaching, training, and loving on three precious little people, helping shape them into the people God has called them to be! And I pray for grace when I faulter, I need that grace every day. I beg for wisdom!
We've started a preschool co-op at church where we moms take turns teaching. It's been great for Emma and she's been doing well, but we could use some prayer for Chloe, and for us as we address her behavior. She's been struggling with some aggressive behaviors when she's in the nursery, specifically towards the younger kids. We're praying that God would change her heart and that He would give us the wisdom we need for discipline as we love and teach her through this struggle. I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I realized recently that I have been waiting to write a new post. Waiting for some profound essay of wisdom to spring up from within me, complete with main points and some awe-inspiring conclusion. But I realize that by simply journaling, I am opening myself up for the Lord's use, both in me and through me, whether or not profound wisdom comes from it or not. Furthermore, I just NEED to write! It is part of my fabric, it helps me process my own thoughts. Writing is capturing the story of my life and my heart, even in its simplicity. So here's me saying I'm going to try to write more on this blog. No commitments about how often or profound my writing posts will be, in the spirit of blogging without obligation, but I will be brave and come out of hiding.
Recently, I've been experiencing a sense of restlessness. And no, it's not literal rest-less-ness, although I could stand to be getting more sleep, as any mother of an infant will say. But the restlessness I'm experiencing is more of an itch for something new, be it a new place or some new growth, perhaps both. I'm hoping it's not a nasty case of discontentment, but it could very well be. I know where to go for answers, I long for Him right now! And yet my legs feel too heavy to walk to His thrown. So I sit, in my heaviness, and cry out for Him to come find me. Lift my arms to reach for your Word, move my fingers across the pages. Open my eyes and my heart to see the truth, flood me with your promises and your presence, penetrate my soul and make me light again!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Smiles and Rolling Over!

For the first time last night, Sawyer rolled over from back to front! Way to go little man!
Ah... These smiles make any day a good day!
Nothing like chin kisses from his sister to get the giggles going!
Who's that handsome man in the mirror? Whoever he is, he sure makes me smile every time he moves! I hope you all are doing well. I check in with each of your blogs whenever I can, even though I don't always have time to comment.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Some New Year's Inspiration!

Because my deep thoughts are in short supply lately, call it mommy brain, call it the weariness of mothering three little ones, call it a season of simplicity, I am going to send you over to my dear friend Beka's blog for some new years inspiration. She is a queen of words and wisdom and if you are like me, you will be blessed by her.
Click here