Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

News to Share!

Once again, I feel SO behind and neglectful towards this blog and I will once again blame it on facebook. But I have something exciting to share that deserves more than just a facebook announcement...I'm PREGNANT!!! I'm eight weeks along and due Feb. 27th, 2011. Many have asked us if this was a surprise and the answer to that one is no. This baby was just as planned and prayed over and wanted as the others. After Sawyer was born we were on the fence about the size of our "quiver". Some days, I felt like we were complete while Travis wasn't so sure. Other days, the table was turned. But the bottom line was, we just didn't have a true peace about saying for sure that we were done. Now, I realize that some believe God wants us to have as many children as He would allow our biology to produce. For the record, we are not in that camp, but that's a topic I really don't want to get into at the moment as I fear it's one of those that has a tendency to divide instead of unite. That being said, this decision certainly didn't come easily and we know full well that God could have and still could say "no" even if we decided "yes". Here's what this baby represents to us in a nutshell: Faith! It is when we feel incapable that God can show up and be glorified as He enables us. It is when we feel like we can't that God shows up and proves to us that with HIM all things are possible. It is when faulty logic douses the God-initiated desires of our hearts that God asks us to trust Him, even when it's scary. That's what this "decision" was, a trembling, slow-moving, heart-racing step of faith. After seeing a little baby with beating heart last Thursday, the first flood of blessing came over us as reward for this step...and the trembling in fear was replaced with trembling for joy! As the saying goes, "we know not what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future!" We are under no romantic notions about bringing a forth baby home. We know there will be hard moments, just as there have been with every adjustment we've had in our lives, but we are excited to see what God has for our family as this new little child becomes a part of it. Please pray with us for a healthy baby and pregnancy, and thank you to so many who've given us such kind and uplifing congrats. We are so blessed by each of you!

Friday, July 02, 2010

The Pictures are Up!!!

Don't stay here for long, head over to my cousin's photography blog to see the beautiful pictures she recently took for us!

Katie Metka Photography