Monday, June 27, 2011

Pinch Me!

 Next year marks an amazing milestone in my book, Emma will be in second grade.  Now wait for the punch line, this is the exact year in school I was introduced to my bosom friend, Jenn. Our mother's were good friends, both lovers of Jesus and raising their kids with the same goals in mind.  I know I've posted before about this, but they pretty much told us, you WILL be friends.  Fast forward about 25 years or so and we ARE friends, best of in fact, and are raising four children EACH of our own and hoping to foster friendships between them as well.  This has been easy since her Devyn and my Emma hit it off so well.  They have similar sweet, nurturing spirits and all the comradery of both being the oldest of four.  We don't have play dates nearly as often as we'd like, but when we do, it is such sweet, sweet time.  I love this picture of our big girls holding their baby sisters, little mommies in training to be sure!

And of course, with all these adorable babes on our hands, we simply must jest about match-making possibilities!  Now what do you think, Sawyer and Ashlynn?  Now wouldn't this just be the cutest wedding slide show picture, IF they ever needed it?!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Four Months Autumn!

My little Tulip is four months old today!  I will say ONLY four months, because I insist that she will be my baby forever.  She's simply not allowed to grow up, to lose her baby chub and butter soft skin.  She's not allowed to replace her gummy grin with teeth or to stop having kissable feet.  If I could stop time, I would stop it right now, because I love my baby girl at four months!  And I do believe these pictures say more than words can, so I'll stop talking. I had so much fun doing her blue blanket photo shoot!

Friday, June 17, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Drawn by Travis using the high tech papers in a bowl method, the winner is... NANA!
Yes, my reaction was, "oh no, now everyone will think it was rigged!!"  But the more Travis and I debated about it, we decided that it wouldn't be right to take away her win just because she's my mom, she won fair and square so there you have it.  Thanks for playing and keep checking in at Kathy's etsy shop, Wee Frilly Designs to see her latest cutie pie items.  Mom, you can pick up your chosen item when you come in two weeks, I'll let Kathy know you won.  Just let me know which one you want.

Thursday, June 09, 2011


Okay my faithful blog friends, you're in for a treat!  My lovely neighbor Kathy is starting up a business selling her adorable handmade clothing for girls, it's called: Wee Frilly Designs.  I tried this adorable top on Emma over the weekend and promptly placed my order for one size up to be shared between my girls.  Is
this not the cutest summer top ever!?!

So now for a little fun!  Kathy has agreed to let me give away one of the following pieces to one lucky blog reader!  Here's how it will work, comment on this post for one entry.  If you link to my giveaway on your blog or facebook (be sure to tell me you've done this in your comment), that will give you another entry.  If you buy something from Kathy's new etsy site, this will give you a third entry (again, be sure to tell me you've done this and I will confirm with Kathy).  The drawing will close at noon MST on 6/17. Happy shopping!

Choice #1 (Pink Skirt size 2T)

Choice #2 (Aussie Capris size 3T)

Choice #3 (Cowgirl Skirt size 3T)
I can vouch for the quality of the fabrics and sewing on all of Kathy's pieces.  I'm sure we will be shopping often from Kathy in the future!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Happy Anniversary Travis... Counting our Blessings!

Eight years and four children later... we have A LOT to give thanks for!
This baby girl lights up our lives!!!  Seriously, would you not kiss this little mouth at least 1000 times a day if you were us?!? Thank you God!

 Sawyer... my only son, my heart just aches with love when I look at this picture! The sweetest, most handsome little boy that ever lived... and he's our son!!!  Thank you God!
 A mama scoping up her little chicks in her wings.  I am so undeservingly blessed! (And I love how spell check is telling me that "underservingly" is not a word... well I'm making it one!) Thank you God!
 I love this picture of my Chloe, the look on her face says it all!  She loves Autumn with fierce love and her maternal bent is undeniable.  She is fire and glue and everything God made her to be!  How did we get so lucky to call her daughter? Thank you God!
 Travis often marvels at his love for Autumn, he adores her beyond words, and yet it took such a step of faith for him to "try" for her.  It's hard to imagine having enough love for all your children and then you realize you have more than enough and that your heart just might burst! Thank you God!

 Emma Grace, the first one, the one who made us parents for the first time.  Her outward beauty is no competition for the beauty of her heart!  Again, how did we get so lucky to call her daughter?!?  Thank you God!
I am thankful for every part of our lives together Travis, the happy and the hard, ALL of it, because it is God "working all things together for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purposes."  I pray for more of Him, more glory for His name, more courage to share the good news in the years to come.  And I will keep counting His gifts, the ones all wrapped in pretty paper right along with the ones wrapped in tear stained rags, I will count until I He calls me home, because thanksgiving is the highest form of worship, it is seeing God and His goodness in the every day, and refusing to give the enemy an inch of ground.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Autumn Mae, Three Months!

Is this much cuteness in one little girl even legal?!?!  I want to freeze my sweet "Tulip" at this age forever, do you think that would be okay?  I mean, she can develop mentally and all, maybe even learn to walk, but she has to stay this small, soft, chubby and toothless and absolutely edible!

Friends, Fruit, and Chocolate

 My sweet friend Katie came over for lunch today!  Not only did she bring a delicious homemade lunch, she also brought this little beauty. 

 Fruit and chocolate!  Could a gift be more delicious?!  Thanks Katie, for YEARS of friendship, you are a blessing in SO many ways.