Friday, May 30, 2008

A "Melissa" Friend

History seems to be repeating itself. When I was three years old, I met a lifelong friend, Melissa. We lived just down the street from each other and our mothers were and still are good friends. Our friendship ebbed and flowed over the years, but now she is one of the closest sisters in my life. I can't predict the future, but I think Emma may have just made a "Melissa" friend. She lives just down the street, her mother and I are becoming good friends, we have breakfast together with several other women and their kids in the neighborhood every Thursday morning. Yesterday, Emma and Mira were deep in make-believe for nearly 4 hours. Both firstborns, both little smarties, oh and did I mention dramatic and feminine? Well, so far, they've hit it off beautifully, as you can see by the picture. It sure makes me feel old to see my daughter where I was 25 years ago, but it's almost like I get to live my childhood all over again.
p.s. I love you Melissa! Thanks for all the precious memories!

Friday, May 23, 2008

24 Weeks and a New Do!

Here I am at 24 weeks. As you can also notice, very obviously, I chopped my hair off! Call it temporary pregnant insanity or just a need for change, but I think I've now officially convinced myself that shoulder length hair or longer is best on me. I've never cut my hair this short, so I guess now I know it's too short instead of always wondering right. Plus, it will be nice and cool for the summer, being pregnant and all. Little Sawyer is giving us lots of visable movements these days. We can just stare at my belly and see little limbs dancing around, it really is the best! It makes us more and more excited to meet him and hold him in our arms, but not for 14 more weeks at least, we want him "well done". The summer is under way and we couldn't be happier. We just bought a grill yesterday and sod will go in next weekend hopefully. There are plans for swimming lessons for the girls in June, VBS in July, and Tyler and Kim's wedding in August. We're hoping for some fishing/camping trips sprinkled in there, perhaps a trip to the zoo, and many park and backyard excursions to be sure. I hope this post meets you all well and enjoying the beauty and joy of this season! Hope to hear from each of you soon!
Love, Sarah
p.s. Notice the new age/birthday tickers for the girls in the right column.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Two Week Break

To all my lovely blog readers, I am saying farewell for two least. This means, no checking blog comments, no reading other blogs, no new posts for two weeks. Call it a spring break for spring cleaning and projects, call it some time to refocus on priorities, actually call it both. But know that you are loved and that I will still be checking my email in limited doses, so please do email if you'd like. Blogging has become a distraction lately and I'm feeling the need to break some bad habits. Thanks for understanding!
Love, Sarah

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

We've had a full and fun weekend! On Friday, I took the girls to Old Town to walk around and, of course, throw a penny in the fountain. Then we headed over to Grammy's and helped her hang clothes on her clothes line. Chloe is getting more and more brave with Grammy's dog Sissy.
My sprinkler princess! She just can't resist a chance to get wet.Friday night, we brought dinner to our friends Ben and Lauren who just had their second baby, Ava Belle, about a month ago. We brought steaks and chicken to grill and some side salads and rolls. The steaks turned out amazing, heavenly would be a good word to describe them!Chloe and Vanessa, who are only a few months apart, had a rough start in the sharing department, but thankfully by the end of the evening, were playing nicely. Emma and Vanessa, on the other hand, made fast friends as you can see here. Emma is the universal good big sister, little ones adore her! It was a wonderful, and much overdue time with good friends!
Yesterday was spent doing chores around the house, the girls and I inside, Travis with the fence outside. I'm happy to report that the pickets are 95% done! Now we just have the finish work, gates, and of course the treasured sod!
I had a very happy Mother's Day indeed! Travis and the girls made crepes complete with strawberries, bananas, butter, powdered sugar, and whipped cream for breakfast. If it weren't for the sausage I would have thought I was having dessert for breakfast, yum! Thank you my sweeties! We then headed to a local nursery where I picked out flowers for my hanging baskets and front porch pots. Nothing like freshly planted flowers to make me feel good! Then it was out to my vegetable garden plot where I planted my tomato and pepper plants. Here's a shot my neighbor took of me in action.
After starting these plants from seed, it feels so good to finally have them in the ground! I'll be planting the rest of the seeds during this next week.
After a good water break, the girls and I headed over to Grammy and Papa's house to "help" them with their gardening projects.
The expert soil mixers at work. Taking a break. Say "cheese!" Ah...This mama is SO blessed! This squirrel in Grammy's tree agrees!

Friday, May 02, 2008

A Sanctuary For My Little Ladies!

Spring is in the air! And so is my motivation for organizing and decorating. We have a three bedroom home, so naturally when Sawyer arrives the girls will be sharing a room. They are very excited about this, which adds to my own excitement about creating a beautiful, feminine sanctuary for them to share. I will try to paint a picture for you with words and a few sneak peeks. Imagine two shades of pale green, alternating in large vertical stripes around the bottom third of the room. Just above this, chair rail painted the darker shade of green. The lighter shade of green covers the remaining two thirds of the room. Now picture an antique white, distressed, feminine dresser and matching night stand between two twin beds. Here's the bedding.
Now picture, in the place of headboards, two shabby chic 8x10 picture frames hung by floral ribbon on decorative white pegs with these pictures in them.
This one, of course, above Emma's bed.
This one over Chloe's. Above each of these pictures will be their names, in wooden letters, painted in delicate pinks and greens. Additional wall and dresser top accessories are building up slowly. Here's what I have so far. The shelf I just found yesterday at my favorite antique store. The sign and frame are from Hobby Lobby. The frame is what will hold the pictures and will be hung similar to this. Beyond decorating the girl's room, their closet will need to be organized to accommodate both of their clothes and shoes. I will be getting a second closet rod that hangs from the first one so they'll each have their own rod. And of course, only two season's worth of clothes will be hanging in there at a time. Baskets will organize the top, shoe racks and storage drawers the bottom. Call me crazy, but it gets me just giddy thinking about all this decorating and organizing! I'm just one of "those" I guess. I'll post about my plans for Sawyers nursery next, so stay tuned!