Friday, May 26, 2006

We have news!

Much to our surprise, we FINALLY heard from manager Shashi around noon today. He called our cell phone, which I had at home with me, and started asking me questions like, "when is your baby due?" and "are you renting or do you own a home?" He then told me he needed to talk to Travis one more time, so I called Travis at work and he was able to borrow a collegues cell phone and call Shashi back. They told him they will be offering him the job! They will send him the official offer next week, so at that time we will look at the numbers and the offer and make our decision. Our hearts are both wanting to take the job, but the money needs to be right to make up for what we would have to pay L-3 back for tuition and we need to recieve peace from the Lord that it is the right decision. I'm just so relieved to have the offer so that there is an actual decision to make, praise the Lord. I got on my knees right after hearing the news and thanked the Lord, both for giving us definite word and for providing this opportunity. If, and hopefully when, Travis accepts this offer, we will have a crazy month ahead of us as we make some big decisions about selling or renting out our townhome, and then buying or renting in Fort Collins. And this all on top of finding a new doctor and getting set up on new insurance before baby Chloe arrives. The Lord has taken us this far and we trust He will carry and guide us the rest of the way too. All I can say is, God is good! I am so humbled by this blessing and so very thankful! And thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for walking with us through this long journey of waiting and hoping and wondering. I just don't know what we'd do without your love, prayers and support! I'll give you our definite decision as soon as we recieve the offer next week. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you! Grammy and Papa L. will be joining us tonight for a four day visit, we can't wait!
Love, Sarah

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