Monday, May 08, 2006

Second Interview

Hello everyone,
Thank you for praying for Travis today if you did, we really appreciate it. I just talked to him, he's on his way to the airport, and he feels the interview went well. They said they would let him know within 24-48 hours either way on this one. He's supposed to hear about the first interview some time today or tomorrow. It's out of his hands now, now we just wait and trust. I'll post again as soon as we know anything about either position. In the mean time, you can continue to pray for us, both for patience, and that our hearts would be prepared to hear the news, whatever that news is, and that we would be able to rest in God's plan for us, finding joy and contentment in that plan knowing that it is good. Thanks again for everything.
Love, Sarah


Mary said...

Praying for you and your family as you wait on the Lord for the right move to make!

JennG said...

You and the family will be in my thoughts and prayers! I love you and I know that God will make his answers clear. You can always count on opened or shut doors. Keep us posted!