Thursday, June 01, 2006

Grammy and Papa's visit

We had such a nice visit with Grammy and Papa L. this past Memorial Day weekend. We definitely had a more secure and peaceful feeling when they left, knowing we will most likely be living back in Fort Collins in just a month. These first pictures were taken up at a french restaurant here in Salt Lake with some beautiful gardens and vinyards. The restaurant is much to expensive for us, but the garden provided an afternoon of entertainment and good pictures.
Emma zonked out on Papa's shoulder on the way home, so we decided to take a detour to get some sonic shakes, yum! I blammed it on a pregnacy craving. She really took to Papa this visit, they had lots of fun together playing outside and jumping around on Papa's mattress on the floor. She LOVES to give kisses to those she loves, so she had plenty to plant on Grammy and Papa.

Their last day here, we went to the zoo, Emma was just facinated with all the animals. She especially loved the monkeys and the giraffs. We also took a fun little train ride with Papa when we first arrived, Emma was on cloud nine! It was a wonderful time, and it's just so fun to watch Emma developing stronger relationships with her grandparents as she gets older. On a different note, we finally got an offer from HP, and as it stands, we are pretty sure we will take it. After looking at a salary wizard online, the offer is competitive for the area and what Travis does.
They will also give us a relocation package, meaning they will pay for our moving expenses. He signs the papers tomorrow and then sends them back. We've been talking about it all evening and will be praying about it some more tonight, but we just can't see not taking it at this point, it seems like such an answer to prayer. Thank you all for your encouragement and prayer along the way. We will continue to need it as we prepare to move the first of July. We will need to find a home to rent in Fort Collins, decide whether to rent out or sell the townhome we just bought here, and get all set up with insurance and a doctor before Chloe is born. It will be a busy summer for us, that's for sure, but we're relying on the Lord to carry and direct us through it, just as He has always done. This will be a bittersweet move for us. Our three years here in Salt Lake have been some of the best years of our lives. We have grown and been challenged in ways we never would have been had we not come here. It is so evident to us that God had a plan for us here and we are very sad to be saying good-bye to this chapter in our lives. The friends we have made here have become our family and we will miss you all more than you can ever know. But as you always reminded us when we were missing our families, CO is only six hours away, and we plan to return to this place that has taken up permanent residence in our hearts often! Our home will also ALWAYS be open to you as well, so please come and see us! I'll keep you posted as this next month unfolds.
All our love,
Sarah and Travis

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JennG said...

I am so, so, so happy! I cannot believe that our dreams of raising our families together is coming true! 3rd grade seems like such a long time ago but it's been amazing to watch our friendship grow (even while you were in Utah) and I'm excited to see what our friendship will bring when you return to Colorado. Welcome back!