Monday, August 04, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Chloe!

Although her real birthday isn't until August 13th, we celebrated Chloe's second birthday yesterday. I'll do my official birthday post for her then, but I thought you'd enjoy seeing some pictures from her party. It was a great day to be sure, but I'm happy to report that this expectant mama is DONE hosting events until Sawyer's arrival! Don't get me wrong, the business is only beginning, but at least now we just go to things instead of hosting. My baby brother gets married next Thursday! So I probably won't be posting again until Chloe's birthday post, but I'll be sure to get pictures from the wedding up soon after the blessed event. Then it will be countdown to Sawyer's birth! I must say I'm getting very excited to meet my son and hold him in my arms! Until next Wednesday, I'm signing off. Hope each of you is doing well and as always, we'd LOVE to hear from YOU too!
Love, Sarah


Lorri said...

You have beautiful girls, Sarah. Congratulations on #3 -- a boy! You and I went to high school together, sang in choir together, and don't ask me how I found your site! ...
Lorri (Wade) Knaus

Candes said...
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Candes said...

Hi Sarah-

It's Candi (Travis' cousin) Wanted to say I've enjoyed the pictures of the girls and I can't believe Sawyer will be joining us so soon!!

Come ck out the boys when you get a chance.

Candes said...

Sorry I posted a comment and it looked like it didnt' take, posted again then noticed it posted my first comment. STRANGE.

Any way, (if comment #2 posts I give up. LOL)

Hi from Candi (Travis' cousin in TX) The girls are precious. I can't believe Sawyer will be here so soon.

If you get the chance stop by and see my boys at

XXXOOOO to everyone there.