Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Emma's Girls

Girlfriends, whether two or eight two, where would we be without them? Boys have special relationships with their friends too, but there's just something special about the way we were created as women when it comes to our friendships. We love connection, relationship, affection, that common bond, knowing that we are known, understood by another woman, a kindred spirit, a friend; it's like water to us.
Emma, Addison, and Devyn on a play date at the mall. These three girls have known each other all of their short little lives. Well, Addison had to wait until she was almost one to meet Emma, and then four more months to meet Devyn, but you get the picture. Who knows how their friendship will develop over the years, but for now, we moms can only give them the opportunity to be lifelong friends like we are.
Devyn and Emma, being wonderful big sisters together! (Sorry you're surrounded by all these girls little Hudson, but some day I bet you'll love being surrounded by females!)
Nothing like a hug from a friend.
Emma and Addison holding hands in the mall, so precious!
Girls are the best gigglers!
Pondering their wishes after throwing a penny in.
"Sugar and spice and everything nice."
Oh, how I love little girls!


Jennisa said...

That is so nice that you all are so close and have such great friendships! The girls are cute together!

Munchkin Land said...

Sarah, I just LOVE these pictures and I'm so glad we got to have another play date yesterday! It was wonderful to have you all over. I love you!

Elise said...

I'm battling jealousy that you and Jenn get to spend time together along with your little ones! :) The pictures are just too adorable - you both have beautiful children!

Amy said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love to come over here to look at your sweet girls and read your great posts...you have great insight!

I can't believe how much your little girls look alike! I bet they are so much fun. By the way, my boys like older girls:)