Monday, April 09, 2007

Chloe's Seven Month Pictures

Chloe will be eight months old on Friday! Where the time has gone we're not sure, but we are so much enjoying our little pickle these days. She's on the verge of crawling, just cut her first tooth and is sleeping 12 hours solid every night. Chloe's little personality is so vibrant and sweet, we're having a blast getting to know her more and more with every little turn of development. She's very vocal, already says momma and dadda to the appropriate person. We thought it was just a fluke for awhile, but we're discovering it's very specific. She smiles at almost everyone, her giggle is infectious, and she loves to explore any new toy or household object we place in front of her. Her sister continues to be the light of her life and Emma continues to be so helpful and nurturing with her. She has even figured out how to help her sit back up when she falls back and makes sure she brings lots of toys for her to play with when she's getting bored with what she has. I am so blessed, that's all I can say.Chloe Paige, Seven months old in her Easter dress.One of the fun things about having two girls is matching Easter dresses! Nana undoubtedly treasures this collage of pictures.


Munchkin Land said...

Oh Sarah... You are so blessed! Your daughters are absolutely beautiful. I just love the collage of your mom, Emma, and Chloe. What a treasure!

Jennisa said...

Your children are beautiful! What a keepsake photo session! Girls are such a blast, aren't they???

Elise said...

Just precious! I want to hug them!