Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Dinner

We had a great Easter. We went to the 8:00am service at church, how wonderful to celebrate the amazing sacrifice and gift that Christ gave us on the cross. The message centered around the fact that because He was raised from the dead three days after the crucifiction, we have the Hope, not only for eternity with Him, but Hope for each day, each moment, regardless of our circumstances. Our Savior Lives! After church, it was home for an Easter egg hunt, which Emma thoroughly enjoyed. Then we had a nice mid-afternoon dinner at our house. Nana was here, Grammy and Papa, Uncle Tyler, and Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Monica and cousin Nathan. I made a ham and some other side dishes, everyone brought something to share as well, it was quite a feast!Emma's Easter basket.Look what the Easter bunny brought mom!Nana and Grammy cuddling on the couch after Easter dinner. Have I ever mentioned how blessed I feel , and how blessed Emma and Chloe are to have two grandmas who not only love them to pieces, but are good friends with each other too.Cousin Nathan being his adorable self. We think resembles Ricky Ricardo.Nathan and Uncle Jeremy. We sure are going to miss them when they move in a month. Jeremy is enlisting fulltime with the army and could be stationed in Hawaii or Japan. We just might "have" to go visit them during the next three years. Emma and Nathan have gotten quite close, I know she's going to miss him.Peek-a-boo!Wrestling with Uncle Tyler on the couch is the best game ever! He also has this amazing ability to pull things out of my ears, He's just amazing!

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