Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chloe's Corner

I just think baby feet are one of the most precious body parts to behold! So soft and pretty, smelling lotiony sweet all the time, no rough spots yet, they are just beautiful. It took quite the acrobatics and just the right moment to capture these little tootsies, but it was well worth it, don't you think?
Miss Chloe is so content to play with her toys in the middle of the room, as long as her sister or I is around for sporatic entertainment. Today while Emma was still naping,we were rolling a ball back and forth to each other, a game she loves, so I decided to try to teach her the sign for ball. Believe it or not, she actually put her hands together to mimic what I was doing! I love baby sign!
Sitting on the couch like a big girl, we always LOVE that smile!
"Pucker up Nana, I'm coming in for a landing!"
"Okay, one guess...And no mom, this photo will NOT make my wedding slide show cut some day and honestly, why in the world would you post it on your blog?!" Well, that's just my guess about what she'll say as a teenager about this shot, but I'm hoping she'll have my sense of humor and get as big of a kick out of this picture as I do!
Daddy's little girl, need I say more?
"Well, what's next on the schedule mom?"
"I give up! If Emma takes one more of my toys away, I'm just going to give them all to her, what do I need them for anyway!?" Okay, I'm having a little too much fun making up what Chloe might be thinking/saying in these pictures!
This picture really captures our family life in a nutshell. Especially when Daddy gets home from work, tickles and laughing galore!
"Daddy, your whiskers tickle!"
My precious babe, pure beauty!


Jennisa said...

What great photos! I also love the small soft feet. I've tried to get photos of them, but you did much better than I! Great pictures, and thanks for the updates!

Anne Marie said...

Great photos! I just love the whisker shot one of Chloe and Travis. You really captured an adorable moment with that one! Emma's hair is looking so adorable. Love the curls!