Monday, June 26, 2006

More pictures

Our Utah family, ah..., what a great family you've all been. We're going to miss you more than you know. This picture was taken yesterday at Chili's for lunch. We were missing a few family members, but you can see how much love and support we've had here. God is so good and we will look back on our three years in Utah as some of the best years of our lives. We love you guys! Stay in touch!
Here's me and the girl once again, relaxing at home one evening. She's quite affectionate these days and innitiates cuddles and kisses all day long. I must say, for someone who loves affection, this is pure heaven for me, and certainly helps offset the tantrums and misbehaving. Plus, I'm sure there will come a day when she's "too cool" for cuddling, so I'll relish in it while I can.
Here's Emma with one of her favorite Utah aunties, Jen, at Jen's pool one morning. She had a short dip in the hot tub before the clouds parted, and then we had a glorious day of swimming with Daddy and Jen. Our little fish didn't want much to do with her dolphin pool toy, she wanted to have more freedom with just her wings and loved it when we let go and let her bob and kick. I think she'll thoroughly enjoy swimming lessons this fall with her friend Devyn in Fort Collins.
Well, this will be the last post I make from dear, sweet Utah. So I guess some gathered thoughts and a formal farewell are in order. When we first arrived here three years ago, knowing no one, and a little depressed about our little basement, cinderblock apartment with the small kitchen and tacky light on the wall, who would have known what rich blessing lay ahead. In those first few months, we were on our knees daily asking for God's provision for a job for me so I could support Travis in school. He provided as he promised and the blessings just kept on coming. Travis was hired as a paid intern with full benefits and tuition reembursement at L-3, which allowed us to consider starting our family. Here we sit, three years later, with a beautiful little girl and another one on the way, a church family that has become our life blood, and now, instead of being depressed about this little apartment, we are sad to leave it and all of the moments and memories it holds. What have I learned in a nut shell? God is working in our lives and through our lives even when we can't see it or what the big picture looks like. He is growing us through times of doubt and hardship, strengthening us through times of blessing and understanding, and moving us forward on this journey of life towards our eternal home with Him in a beautiful and loving way. I know the road ahead will not always be easy, in fact, it's the one thing I know for sure. But seeing how we are refined by fire, I look forward to experiencing how the Lord will carry me through all the peaks and valley's that lie ahead. So good bye sweet Utah, good bye precious friends. If our pathes don't cross again in this life time, we look forward to meeting those of you who have been saved by God's amazing grace in our eternal home, and rejoicing with you as we praise our Savior all day long, for the rest of eternity together!
Love, Sarah


JennG said...

Oh, Sarah, you made me cry! I know that it must be an incredibly bitter-sweet feeling to be leaving the home where you guys were newlyweds and brought your first baby home. I got misty just leaving our house in Wellington, memories such as those just tug at the heart-strings! I can't imagine what you must be feeling. While it's wonderful to see the "family" you've made in Utah, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was counting down the days until you're here, in town with me!! I love you!

The Hill Family said...
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The Hill Family said...

Even though we are not in Utah right now, it still makes me sad to know this is your last week there!! You and your family are so special, and even though we wish you the best in CO, I hope our paths do cross again!!