Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Nutcracker

The day started with a fancy lunch at one of our favorite local Itallian restaurants downtown.  Nana and Auntie Amber came up for our special girly date.  We had amazing seats!  This Nutcracker performance was beautiful and put us all in such a festive mood.  I have fond memories of seeing The Nutcracker with my mom and grandma when I was little, I still have the Nutcracker souvenir from that day.  I bought each of the girls a Clara ornament as a keepsake.
 The girls with "Clara".  She was an amazing ballerina for her age!  I'm certain she's going places, and she was so sweet to boot!
 Here they are with another amazing ballerina.  Chloe was pretty tired at this point, can you tell?
And the best part of the whole day?  That evening, the girls asked for Nutcracker music, dressed in their ballet outfits, helped each other put buns in their hair and danced around the living room with Nutcrackers in their hands.  And of course, asked daddy to do lifts with them.  I wish you could have seen the glee on their faces as daddy treated them like prim a ballerinas, priceless!


Anastasia said...

Ahhh, sweet times! I look forward to taking my little miss to see that some day! BEAUTIFUL!

Sheri said...

What a special, special "girly" Christmas evening, with your princesses and family! Love the pictures of all of you and hearing how the girls became part of the Nutcracker, at home!!! *Hugs*

Sheena Karpinski said...

Adorable! How precious that they were dancing around the living room with their daddy. :)

Amber L. said...

I had so much fun with the girls that day. Can't wait to be able to bring Alina and Autumn too. Actually, I can wait. ; )