Friday, January 06, 2012

So I Don't Forget- Sawyer

I could, quite possibly, have the sweetest son that ever lived! Today he was watching Dumbo for the first time ever when he called for me in a sad voice. When I came to see what was wrong, he broke into tears and said, "Mommy, I don't like this movie, he not findin his mommy!" to which I replied with a smile, "but where's your mommy?" his face filled up with a smile through the tears and he said, "right here! Hold me mommy!" And I did, soaking in every ounce of his sweetness! Later on, right before bed, he asked me to rock him to sleep like Dumbo's mom, in my trunk. So I formed my best trunk and rocked while singing the "baby mine" song. I then waved goodnight to him with my "trunk". If he ever forgets how much he loves his mama or how very much I love him I will remind him of this story. Thank you Father, for letting me be Sawyer Michael's "Mrs. Jumbo"!


Sheri said...

Precious, precious, precious!!! Give Mr. Sawyer, a hug from his "buddy" Levi, in Germany!

Elece said...

This made me tear up just a little, Sarah. The "Baby Mine" scene from Dumbo is one of the most beautiful, emotional scenes in cinematic history, and the song remains one of my favorites.

So sweet.