Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Sheri said...
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Sheri said...

First, I love your festive play-list! Hee. Hee. And, the Smilebox pictures are precious, precious. You all look so happy and little Sawyer is too cute with his new smiles and expressions!

"Happy Thanksgiving" next week to your beautiful family Sarah!

Beka said...

Seriously, those children of yours are absolutely gorgeous! I had to watch the slide show twice. Sawyer's cute little face must just melt your heart!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see all your photos from your photo shoot. The slide show wouldn't start for me for some reason. Be sure to bring them down when you come. I love there outfits. So cute.

golovach5 said...

You guys have a great family. Love the new look of the BLOG.

Maryann said...

So festive and adorable. How you ever manage to keep on lipstick is beyond me. I would kiss it all off on their faces in 17 seconds. Violet always has a lipgloss sparkle spot on her head.
Loves to all.M.

Elise said...

Happy, happy family! You're all so gorgeous.

I love the music, personally. Except we don't get ours out until the day after Thanksgiving- only three more days! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Seed!
I was finally able to view your slideshow, after adding some RAM to our computer, and what a beautiful little family you have. Sawyer is turning into one handsome dude. I can't wait to squeeze him again.
Love you!
p.s. I had a dream you were pregnant again too. I don't know Sarah.