Monday, November 10, 2008

The Genes

It's just amazing to me, the way God combines the genes of two parents and creates a unique little person. And even more amazing to me is getting to see this happen three times in my own family! Just for fun, here's a look at each of our kids at about 10 weeks old. "Fearfully and wonderfully made..." they each are, not a cell in the wrong place! It's so humbling and wonderful getting to be their mama:).SawyerChloeEmma


Anonymous said...

Cute Seeder! They definitely look related, yet very unique. I am so blessed to be there antie. I can't believe how much Sawyer has grown......cheeks that is. : )
Love you!

Katie and Oresti said...

Cute pics and I like the new look! I think Sawyer and Chloe look similar in the 10 week shots.