Friday, August 04, 2006


To all my blog readers out there. I have a humble request for some prayer. As many of you already know, we built and bought a townhome in Salt Lake that we closed on right before we turned around and moved back to CO. This turn around was so quick in fact, that we never even got to move in to this beautiful new place, it was kind of sad. Well, long story short, we put it on the market at the end of June with our good friend and realtor who has been working tirelessly for us to get it sold, but still no luck. Every month that passes is a month that we have to pay both our mortgage on the townhome and our rent here, a steep monthly expense that will drain our savings quickly if it goes on for much longer. With our price and some recently added incentives, our realtor thinks we're in a good price range, it's just a matter of finding the right buyer/buyers. Travis and I know that this situation is completely out of our hands and yet another opportunity to trust the Lord for provision. So we're asking you to pray with us for that very provision. Prayer is powerful and the fact that our awesome God takes the time to hear them is a miracle in and of itself. He already knows His plans for us, and we trust them to be good plans, but we also know that part of those plans include our faithful prayer. Thank you for being our beloved friends and for taking the time to love and pray for us as we hope you'll always let us do for you as well.
In Him, Sarah

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