Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More pictures

Hello everyone! Many of you have been asking for more pictures of miss Chloe, so here they are. Sorry it's taken awhile for me to get them up, but my guess is I don't need to explain. Chloe has actually been doing really well at night, I have to wake her up for feedings usually. She'll sleep just about anywhere and we've been able to arrange her fussy periods so they happen during the day. Nursing is going beautifully, I'm finally past the most painful period. All in all, this adjustment is much smoother than I emagined. I know I'll probably be in for a brand new adjustment after my mom leaves in a week and a half, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Thank you all for well wishes, support, and offers for meals, we greatly appreciate it. The best time for meals will be after my mom leaves the first of September.
Love, Sarah


JennG said...

Oh Sarah! Those photos are absolutely priceless! I just love the photo of Emma kissing her sister. Thanks for sharing!

Jill Davis said...

What a precious little one you have! I am glad that Emma is being such a great sis!

Wendy and John said...

She is beautiful! Look at all of that hair! You have a fabulous family!