Monday, March 06, 2006

Giggling Little Girls!

Emma just loves playing with her friend Kylie! She came over to our house today for about 3 hours and the two of them just giggled and played the whole time, I didn't have to do any entertaining. I can tell miss Emma will be more than ready for preschool, she's just such a social bug now. We'll have to tide her over with play dates until then.

Something sure is funny! It's probably the simple fact that I'm staring at someone my own age who is doing things that I do, that just cracks me up! Laughter is the best medicine right! Emma is learning to share little by little, but sometimes it's still really hard to watch someone else play with her toys.

Miss Gracie initiated this kiss. Friends sure are great aren't they! I'd say they're like peas and carrots, but it looks more like chocolate and vanilla. Ah, the innocence of childhood. I sure do treasure these days, I want to capture every moment, not just on camera but in my heart. Before we know it, our little peanut will be going to school and my heart will be breaking. I wish I could bottle these toddler years!

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JennG said...

Hear, hear!