Friday, March 16, 2012

Update in random

- It's the middle of March and we've had a week of unseasonably warm weather, I'm talking mid-70's all week!  Did I mention this week has also been our spring break?  It has been positively perfect!  I even let the kids have the wading pool out one day (I know, call me crazy:)!  We filled it up with hot water from the kitchen sink and they were in heaven.  It's been a summer dreaming kind of week, filled with park dates and sun-kissed skin.  I sigh a happy sigh:).  Yesterday Travis took the day off and we went to the museum.  They had a live lizard and snack exhibit, which was a huge hit.

- As happy and warm as the week was, I'm tired.  As I sit here this evening, all the kids in bed and Travis out with some friends, the silence is golden.  Spring break is a good reminder that a plan, some sort of loose schedule, is a must for the summer. Last year I had a more structured morning for us and then let the afternoons be more free, it worked really well and the kids thrived knowing what to expect each day and keeping up on school work helped them stay ready for the following year.

- I'm feeling a bit restless.  Perhaps it's a bit of spring fever, but I just have this feeling that change is coming.  Not sure what kind of change, but sensing God moving our lives in a new direction soon, hmmm....

- Some fun trips are coming up, a women's retreat for me next month, our anniversary trip in May, then a trip for Autumn and I in June for my cousin's wedding, and a family road trip to see my brother and sister-in-law and to meet our newest nephew (due July 8th) at the end of the summer.  I love to travel, kids or no, it just does my soul some good to see new places and break up our routines a bit.

- Needing more time in the Word, longing for it.  Have you been studying any particular book the Bible lately?  How bout Bible study books that have been great?

- Autumn is finally sleeping all the way through the night!!!  I think four nights in a row can make it official right?  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to sleep an entire night through til daylight:).  Thank you Lord!

- It's time to edit some pictures before my eyelids get any heavier.  I recently took pictures of an absolutely adorable 8 month old!  I'm planning on getting back in the saddle on my photography blog soon, I have SO many pics to get up there!

- I am blessed, no if's, ands, or buts about it!  Nighty night:).

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Sheri said...

Yes, my dear sister, you ARE blessed!!!

I am reading/studying through the Old Testiment (in 2 Chron, currently), learning to "TRUST", learning to obey, and watching for miracles!! Mmm. He is ABLE! So much more than able!

Praying you continue to enjoy a gorgeous, refreshing, Jesus-life-giving-water-filled spring! *Hugs*