Thursday, March 22, 2012

These Two

Watching Sawyer be a big brother to Autumn is so heart warming.  He loves this baby girl, and no one told him he has to, he just genuinely does. When they wake up from their naps, he always asks if Autumn can sit with him while they drink their juice.  She always loves this arrangement as much as he does:).
 And this kiss?  Ya, not prompted by me at all, he just can't get enough of her.  He often looks at me and says with amazement, "she's just so cute mommy!"  Tonight while they were taking a bath together, Autumn slipped a bit and he pulled her right up quickly and said, "whoa, that was close!" Then he turned to me and said, "don't worry mama, I'll always save Autumn when she falls."  And I believe he will.  I praise the Lord for this special blooming relationship.


Amber L. said...

Oh so sweet big brother!

Sheena Karpinski said...

Oh that is the sweetest! What a precious brother, so precious!

Sheri said...

Precious, Sarah!!! And, such beautiful pictures of "true brother-sister love." *Hugs*