Friday, February 10, 2012

This and That

Cohesive essays are overrated... or at least I'll say that to make myself feel better about these random bullet points. 
- Just did my workout video!  I feel so good after I'm done, but I'd be lying if I said I thoroughly enjoy it while I'm doing it.  Jillian Michaels doesn't play around... but she IS giving me some awesome muscle definition, so I'll stop complaining.
- Valentine's Day is coming up, and this is my first year to try to be homespun about it and make homemade valentines with the girls.  I can't take all the credit though, I got the idea from Pinterest.  What do you think?

- I've been reading Organized Simplicity, great so far! Creating an atmosphere of peace and focus, what a gift to our families and ourselves! Still very much in process, but taking steps, it feels good.
- I'm ready for a vacation!  Just me and my man, some beautiful balmy weather, sleeping until my body naturally wakes up, eating delicious food, reading wonderful books by the water.  Our ten year anniversary is coming up in a year and a half and we're hoping to make this dreaming a reality:).  Perhaps a little weekend away can happen for our nine year too, fingers crossed:).
- My baby girl is turning one in just 12 days.  Nope, not ready for this, not in the least.  I've decided she will only ever be months old, not years, because after all you're still a baby when your age is referred to in months right? Here are a couple of her one year pics I took about a week ago.  Oh the preciousness!!!

- Travis needs a new car.  And when I say "needs" I really mean it.  He has a 1986 Buick that we inherited from a great Aunt upon her passing.  Free car, no payment, exactly up our alley, but it's on it's last leg.  It dies at random intersections, emits an awful smell, so the windows always need to be cracked, and the girls only have lap belts in the back seat while riding to school in the mornings.  Time to start a craigslist search...
-Do you want to know what I think about at about 5:30am every morning?  "I wonder how much one of those temper pedic mattresses cost?  I wonder how long we'd have to save for one?"  Yes, our mattress set of 8 years is starting to give us aches and pains each morning:(.  My back aches so much that it wakes me early each morning restless and unable to go back to sleep until I finally give up and get up before the alarm:(.
- Emma just had her hero project at school, she picked Jesus:).  She had so much fun making her Jesus figure and doing her research.  She was especially excited to tell her friends about Him in hopes that some might ask Him into their hearts.  It makes a mama's heart sing to hear this kind of excitement about sharing the good news!
- Chloe is reading! Such an amazing skill to master and she's doing so well so far, getting faster every day it seems.  And boy is her confidence growing at school, I'm so proud of my little sweetie:).
- How's my "one plan" going you might ask?  Well, pretty good I suppose, although I certainly haven't done each of my "one" things every day, but just being aware of what I'm aiming for, a reminder to be purposeful has really been growing some new habits in me, all praise to the Lord!
- I'm wondering if Sawyer might have some speech issues.  He's 3.5 and talking all the time, just seems to have trouble with the initial sounds of some words and stutters quite a bit when he's trying to say something he's really excited to say.  Going to make a call to our local school district to see about getting him evaluated.  I'm guessing these are things he will outgrow, but I'm hoping to get some tips for how I can help him overcome these obstacles at home.
- It's Friday, horay! Oh how I love me some weekend, whole family together for two days time! 


Melissa and Shawn said...

Oh how I wish we could get together over coffee once a week... we'd have 1,000,000 things to talk about and "solve" together.
YES, go get Sawyer tested... and push for it even if you need to go to an outside source. I know he is a boy and a 3rd and has 2 older sisters who translate, but if your gut is saying so, do it :)
Love you my dear and I hope to "This and That" update soon, when live slows down! HA!
Hugs- M

Sheri said...

Ah, loved reading this my dear friend! "This and That" was a great idea. =) And, I simply love precious Autumn's 1 year pics! How is that possible though???

Praying you had a fantastic weekend with your beautiful family!!! *Hugs*