Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School 2011

I have two big girls at school now, I repeat TWO big girls at school!  Emma is a big second grader and Chloe a Kindergartener!  Today as I was taking the girls to school, under the effects of Ibuprophen for the nasty bug I came down with last night and that has had me in bed all day today, the girls could not contain their excitement.  Emma sang Chloe songs she learned in music class last year and told her all about recess and how much fun she was going to have in Kindergarten.  I was nervous that Chloe would have a hard time with me leaving her, but she completely surprised me.  She was so excited, she sat at her little table just beaming, gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "bye mom, I love you!"  No tears or clinging or any of the things you might expect on the first day of kindergarten.  And Emma was equally pumped up for her first day, she was all smiles.  And after school she told me all about the new friends she made and how much she loves her teacher.  Emma even had homework tonight, which she promptly completed right when she got home at her little desk in her new room.  Chloe was jealous that Emma had homework and she didn't, so Chloe practiced writing her letters.  It was a good first day for my sweeties, as these pictures tell.  If only mama had been feeling better:(.  Travis had to take some sick time, that's how rotten I felt.  Feeling a little better tonight, so hoping we can all get some good rest tonight and continue getting into the swing of the school year.


Katie and Oresti said...

sweet memories! sorry you weren't feeling well! I'm praying you get over it quick, it's no fun to have Mama down with something.

Sheri said...

Ah, Happy Back-to-school to Emma and Chloe!!! I LOVE the pictures and I just prayed for a wonderful year of learning, growth, and trusting our Savior!!! Love you all so much and bunches of hugs!

Mom/Nana said...

The sweetest little school girls ever:)