Monday, August 22, 2011

Autumn Mae, Six Months!

Somebody just turned six months old today!  This little somebody is now rolling around, sitting all by herself (with pillows behind her) and eating her first foods!  She is spitting and babbling and squealing away her time, putting everything she can get her hands on in her mouth and continuing to be doted on by all who know her.  She has bright eyes that nearly pop out of her head when she's excited or scared and a smile that can brighten up any room.  She's got her own look, but most often we get that she favors her big brother Sawyer.  I still see more of myself in her than any of my children, but there's something unmistakeably daddy in her little mouth.  And something about the way she pops her little eyes so bright reminds us of grandpa Mike, which blesses my heart.  I don't have a current weight and height for her yet as her six month appointment is later this week, but she seems to be continuing to move in the tall direction, imagine that!;).  So without further adieu, I give you my little six month old "Tulip", the prettiest little tulip in the flower bed!


Sheri said...

Oh Sarah, Autumn, is cuter than ever!! Give her hugs from me! Happy 6 months sweet baby girl! Love ya'll bunched! *Hugs*

Mom/Nana said...

Ohhhh, precious baby girl!! So much like her Mama and Grandpa Mike:) Kisses!!