Monday, June 27, 2011

Pinch Me!

 Next year marks an amazing milestone in my book, Emma will be in second grade.  Now wait for the punch line, this is the exact year in school I was introduced to my bosom friend, Jenn. Our mother's were good friends, both lovers of Jesus and raising their kids with the same goals in mind.  I know I've posted before about this, but they pretty much told us, you WILL be friends.  Fast forward about 25 years or so and we ARE friends, best of in fact, and are raising four children EACH of our own and hoping to foster friendships between them as well.  This has been easy since her Devyn and my Emma hit it off so well.  They have similar sweet, nurturing spirits and all the comradery of both being the oldest of four.  We don't have play dates nearly as often as we'd like, but when we do, it is such sweet, sweet time.  I love this picture of our big girls holding their baby sisters, little mommies in training to be sure!

And of course, with all these adorable babes on our hands, we simply must jest about match-making possibilities!  Now what do you think, Sawyer and Ashlynn?  Now wouldn't this just be the cutest wedding slide show picture, IF they ever needed it?!


Mom said...

I love this:) Such sweethearts, all of them!! Becky and I had great instincts, don't you think??

Courtney said...

I LOVE those pictures!!!! And I agree, Sawyer and Ashlynn would make a cute couple ;)