Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Four Months Autumn!

My little Tulip is four months old today!  I will say ONLY four months, because I insist that she will be my baby forever.  She's simply not allowed to grow up, to lose her baby chub and butter soft skin.  She's not allowed to replace her gummy grin with teeth or to stop having kissable feet.  If I could stop time, I would stop it right now, because I love my baby girl at four months!  And I do believe these pictures say more than words can, so I'll stop talking. I had so much fun doing her blue blanket photo shoot!


Elece said...

She is precious, and entirely edible/kissable.

Enjoy her!!!



Katie and Oresti said...

so cute! Great photos Sarah!!

Sheri said...

Oh, precious, adorable Miss Autumn, you keep getting cuter and cuter!! HUGS!!

Melissa and Shawn said...

I see several of your kiddos in Autumn, what a beauty!