Monday, March 07, 2011

Two Weeks

They change so much so quickly!  This mama is trying to capture each moment in time lest it slip from memory without a trace.  My last newborn, such heartache in those words and yet, such gratitude for "now".  Enjoy!
These two pics were taken during week one.  Her face is less "swollen" already
Crazy how much this pic looks like my baby pics!
Emma is such a proud big sister, she cannot keep her hands or eyes off Autumn.  I ordered some prints for her to take to school as she's been dying to show off her baby sister to her teacher and friends:)
Love the funny faces newborns make:)
she's already making such good eye contact, it's amazing! 
love this look!
precious sleeping beauty...


Jenn with Munchkin Land Designs said...! Sarah, I could just eat her up. She is so beautiful and I stand by the fact that I really don't think she looks like any of her siblings at that age. =) I can't wait to watch her change and grow.

PS Let's definitely get Emma and Devyn together soon.

PPS I'm pretty sure Autumn and Ashlynn can have their 1st play date at the same time too.

Katie and Oresti said...

wow, I think she looks a lot like you Sarah! She's just precious!

Christine said...

She's beautiful Sarah! I agree with Jenn, I don't see any of her siblings in her yet. It will be fun to see if that changes. Congratulations!!

Nana said...

Oh my goodness! It's baby Sarah:):) YES!! You finally have one that seriously looks like you!! I can't wait to squeeze her again:)

Sheri said...

Sarah, Autumn is just gorgeous! Precious, precious! Give her a cuddle from her mama's friend on the East Coast. Love you bunches!!! Hugs!