Monday, March 21, 2011

Autumn Mae, One Month!

To say this past month has flown by at lightning speed is an understatement!  Autumn Mae will be one month old tomorrow, I just can't wrap my mind around it.  How in the world did she go from being too small for newborn clothes to comfortably wearing size 0-3 months in just four short weeks!?  I guess my milk agrees with her;).  Here are a few pictures taken over the past week or so. 
 such a good little sleeper!
 learning to focus
 nothing like a snooze on daddy:)
 meeting grandpa for the first time
 I think Emma might have her lips permanently attached to Autumn's head if she could.
 Loving her baths!
 sweet profile, complete with a milk double chin.
 rosebud lips
 Sleep smiles, melt my heart!

Just for record sake, here's what she's doing at one month old:
-waking up once, rarely twice, to eat during the night, but goes right back to sleep.
-focusing her eyes on people and things with great interest.
-eating every three hours and taking great naps in her bed (which is so great for a mama with so much to do:)).
-holding her head up with good neck strength.
 -gaining more control of her hands, not scratching her face anymore.
-making a few random cooing sounds while awake, so sweet!
-being the apple of her siblings eyes!  They still fight over who gets to hold her next and for how long
-fitting right in to our family, we just don't know what we would do without her:).  We know she was meant to be our sweet little caboose;).


Ashley said...

A sweet post about her first month. She is precious. The timing really is flying!

Mary said...

She's beautiful! Sweet, sweet baby.


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Katie and Oresti said...

so cute! That first month always goes by way too fast, as does the first year! The twins are turning into toddlers and I'm not ready! I want them to stay babies a little longer:(
love all the new photos Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Your new baby girl is precious!! Such a little beauty! Our sweet baby boy will be 2 months in two days...time flies & they grow up too fast!! :(

Sheri said...

Oh, Autumn Mae, gets cuter and cuter, if that's possible! Give her a kiss from me and keep the pictures coming, my dear sister!!! Hugs!

Amber L. said...

So precious. Happy one month Autumn! Can't wait to see you tomorrow.