Friday, February 11, 2011

His Perfect Timing

It's been a rough week friends, one of those weeks to be classified under "trenches".  Chloe had her tonsils and adenoids removed last Thursday and I've been battling a nasty upper respiratory bug since a few days before that.  While I've been up coughing every night, my precious Chloe has been up with horrible pain, we've been quite the pair, let me tell you.  Chloe has lost 5 pounds in just one week, I can feel every bone in her body it seems.  And her sad eyes say it all as she longs to eat normal foods, but can't handle more than pedisure, cream of wheat and chicken noodle soup sans noodles.  I keep hoping that each day will be her turn around day, feeling like this healing process is taking an eternity.  I have such a new found empathy for parents with children facing diseases like cancer, and it's only been a week for us.  Watching your baby suffer has got to be the worse thing to endure, I wish I could take her pain on myself so much, but instead all I can do is hold and stroke and sing songs and reassure.  But at least there is hope on our horizon, I am beyond grateful for that!  By next weeks end, statistically speaking, she should be feeling much better.   And my barking cough seems to be a little better this morning.  All this going on just before we welcome little Autumn Mae into the world has felt a bit overwhelming and stressful, but it's been a good reminder that God's timing will be just as it should be, and we can't worry about the things outside of our control.  The fact that I've made it this far is such a blessing, that Chloe and I are past the worse of our ills and that we might actually be getting a little sleep in the next few days, thank you Jesus!  I'm so thankful for God's new mercies each morning, especially in times like this.  When I have so little to give, it's wonderful to be carried by a fully capable father who knows our needs and cares about them.  I may not get a chance to post again until after Autumn is born, but until then, know how thankful I am for each of you, for the ways you encourage me and lift our family up in prayer, for the ways many of you have reached out in practical ways, bringing meals and just being God's arms of provision for us.  All my love!

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Sheri said...

Just prayed for you and your precious family, my dear sister in the Lord. Praying you are feeling healthy and stronger, Sarah, and that beautiful Chloe is eating, playing, and back to herself!!

Excited to read/see your news!!!

Phil 4:13