Thursday, December 02, 2010

Slowing Down

The house is silent as I type.  Chloe and Sawyer are napping, Emma is at school, Travis at work.  Dishes are begging to be done, two loads of laundry need folding, and of course the ever-present tiddying of clutter.  But I am soaking in the silence, beautiful solitude, so those things will have to wait for a moment.  It's been a busy, loud week.  Good things yes, but maybe as I grow older, simplicity and silence are becoming more appealing.  I'll just say it, I don't like to be too busy, I don't like the building stress of too much on my plate.  There is a simple life I long for in those times, a simple life of simple tasks, of basking in relationships with my children and husband, of making meals and cleaning house, quiet afternoons to think and pray and read.  Too much clutter in my life, just like too much clutter in my house creates stress and noise that cloud out what's most important, those simple things, those higher callings that need my time and effort and work.  Thank you Father for the simple and profound callings on my life, for giving me rest and silence after times of busyness, for helping me know that more is not always better.  Thank you for this moment of rest and reflection, and please give me the energy I need to accomplish the simple tasks of this day.  May I abide in you through every one of them.  Amen.

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Mom said...

"Amen" to that, sweetheart!! I've been craving some solitude myself these days. Am having a strong urge to throw away "stuff" - material stuff as well as emotional stuff! Miss you:(