Tuesday, December 07, 2010

28 weeks and blooming!

 I'm always looking my freshest and best in the morning when Travis isn't home to take my picture, so here's yet another attempt at self-photography.  This is my bare (gasp, shock) belly at 28 weeks.  This may be the last bare belly shot you get of me...ever, so enjoy!  I'm feeling pretty good these days, emphasis on the word "days".  Nights are getting a little rough with heartburn, hip pain, frequent bathroom trips and the feeling that I can't quite get enough air at times, which forces me to sit up, or dark trips to the kitchen for a snack.  But I've been with child enough to know how quickly these last two months will fly.  The very thought of that is a bit too much to comtemplate right now, so I'll save that for another post.  But I am thoroughly enjoying all the kicks and hickups and rolls little Autumn is entertaining me with throughout the day and relishing in this special time with her inside me.
I've also included our family picture for your viewing pleasure.  May your Christmas season be filled with reminders of God's great love for us.  And may that love inspire and fill you to pour your own life out to those in need of it.


Courtney said...

You look beautiful when you're pregnant. And your Christmas card was great to read too, your family always makes me smile.

Christine said...

I really enjoyed your Christmas letter and picture too. I can't believe you're 28 weeks already! It seems as though this pregnancy is going really fast! I agree, you definitely look beautiful pregnant-you're glowing.

Mary said...

Beautiful pics! I'm so excited for you and this new addition to your family!

Oh! And before I forget, I moved my blog to Wordpress. Would you please update your reader to just http://maryhess.com?


I always enjoy reading your posts.

xxx Mary

Sheri said...

You look beautiful, my dear friend! And such a gorgeous look of joy in your eyes and smile, with your adorable growing belly! What a special time to rejoic!!! Merry Christmas!

Amber L. said...

Beautiful picture Seed. Both of them. I can't wait to see your new addition in a few months. I know it will fly.
Love you!