Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My View

During these dreary, winter days, when the outside world is shades of brown and gray and cold, I am taking a closer look at the beauty right inside my house. Spring flowers don't hold a candle to these blooms!

(When smiling, his tongue must always be out in Maori warrior style!)

Playing in my freshly (and rarely) made bed is a favorite game of Chloe's, hence the reason it is rarely made:).
(Chloe's eyes)
Oh, my precious Roo! What would I ever do without your sweet little face to kiss every day?!
(Emma's eyes)
Emma's hair is getting so long and beautiful these days! It's a booger to comb, thanks to its fine texture like mine, but the end product is very worth it!

Emma, my love, you simply must NOT grow up into the beautiful woman, inside and out, I know you will be! Please stay my little peanut of four forever!


Beverly said...

O what precious children! I can see them through your eyes - you are BLESSED, friend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Seed. I'm so happy you are down visiting and hope you will decide to just stay forever.
Love you!

Sheri said...

Oh so beautiful Sarah!!!