Friday, October 24, 2008

Sharing The Love!

Hello to all my wonderful blog friends. I have a favor to ask of anyone who feels so led. I have a dear friend who could really use some gently used baby boy clothes in sizes six months up to about 18-24 months. Her little guy and Sawyer are about three weeks apart, so she'll be needing winter in the littler sizes for right now and so on as the seasons go (we live in Colorado). This is number three boy for them, but a sweet little surprise nonetheless, and they so generously gave away ALL their baby clothes to another woman in need. They are having some financial struggles, so I just thought I would try to help her out a bit in this way. If you are able to send some clothes, email me and I'll get you my address so you can send them to me to protect her privacy. Thanks in advance!
Always, Sarah

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Wendy and John said...


I don't have your email, but you can email me at and I'll talk to you about getting you some clothes. I just have a few extras but hopefully they'll help.

Wendy (Peterson) Sedey