Monday, July 28, 2008

Belated Anniversary Post

Okay, this post is nearly two months overdue! But better late than never right! Travis and I celebrated five years of marriage on June 7th. The following weekend, we went out to dinner at the Melting Pot as our official celebration, and what a treat it was! We figured an overnight away wasn't the best idea right now since sleeping well in my own bed is challenge enough these days. But we both LOVE good food, so this was a perfect fit this year. I had some great pictures of the evening, but can't seem to find them in my folders. I think I may have erased them from my memory card before I had saved them on my computer, thinking I had already saved them! It makes me ill really, but deep breath, life goes on, and the memories are in my heart and mind right. It's really hard for us to believe it's been five years already, so much life has happened in those five years, moving, moving again, having children, buying our first home, new jobs, new church, the list goes on. But through it all, I can't imagine going through any of it without my very best friend and companion! I love you Travis, more today than yesterday. Thank you for your grace, your forgiveness, for choosing to the see the best in me. Thank you for making me laugh, for holding me when I need to cry, and for being everything I could ever hope for in a husband. I am so proud of you, so lucky to be your girl! Here's to the rest of our lives together!

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