Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

He Has Risen!

Happy Easter

From our family to yours

(p.s. Chloe was a little grumpy on photo morning after a rough night of coughing. We'll try again closer to her second birthday.)


Janene said...

I love their dresses! So cute.

Deidre said...

Beautiful girls! I love those dresses. What a precious family

Jennisa said...

BEAUTIFUL dresses, and beautiful family! Where on earth did you get those dresses, my dear?!?!?! I heart them....a lot! :)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Such a beautiful family, Sarah! I just love those pictures, they turned out so great. Happy He-Is-Risen Day to you too!

Love you!

Beka said...

The pictures are gorgeous!! You all are a beautiful family.

Happy Easter!!

stacey said...

the dresses are so pretty!

but you all look so wonderful together!

happy easter!

Katie and Oresti said...

What nice pictures!! The girls look so cute in matching dresses! how fun! Did you and Amber wear matching things? Laura, Erin and I did fairly often.
Kiss those girls for me and I can't wait to meet them this summer!

Jenileigh said...

Hello. I just happened by your blog from looking at Susie/Bluebird's portfolio. You have a beautiful family!