Monday, December 17, 2007

Twas The Week Before Christmas!

It's been just over two weeks since I've published a post, so I suppose it's high time. We've been busy around here with Christmas activities. Emma and I just finished baking and decorating our Christmas cookies. They're all plated and ready to take to the neighbors tonight. Shopping is done, minus a few odds and ends, and I've been busy rehearsing for our Christmas choir performance at church. Here we sit, just one week before Christmas, and I am feeling ready and relaxed. This week will be spent cleaning house to prepare for family coming on Christmas day, a little grocery shopping for Christmas dinner, but mainly preparing our hearts to celebrate what we should be celebrating every day of the year, the beautiful birth, life ministry, and atoning death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let's prepare Him MUCH room this week in light of the hustle and bustle the season can bring. Let's choose peace and simplicity over stressful expectations. Here are a few fun pictures highlighting our past couple weeks. Enjoy! And Merry Christmas to all!

Love, Sarah

The girls are both pretty enamoured by the Christmas tree. It's going to be a sad day in their worlds when it comes down after new years.

These little fingers face daily temptations to reek havoc on ornaments...but they are learning:)

My little blondie is getting way too big!

Sister love, it's the best!Hey, let me goober that camera!How bout a messy kiss too?!Emma decorated most of these cookies herself, aren't they beautiful!The artist hard at workFrosting dryingSuch fun!The clean-up was a snap!Emma did a great job singing at her Christmas program at church on Sunday.

Sleeping beauty on our way home from church. Sunday mornings are still a bit rough for Chloe as she is still dealing with some separation anxiety. But she's getting much better in the nursery and only usually cries for the first few minutes.


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh Miss Sarah! Impressed with your planning and execution. =) We haven't even started our Christmas shopping yet. (We're starting tonight.) However, in my defense, we were busy with a dying car. We did manage to get our Christmas baking done and those were sent to the nieghbors house last weekend. Whew!

I am excited to spend this time non-stressed though, that is my goal. Good luck with your Christmas cantatas!

Beka said...

Oh goodness, Sarah, your little girls are so precious! Such sweet little faces...
Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

Much love and prayers,