Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007!

It was a wonderful Christmas for our family this year. The day began in our jammies on the living room floor with the girls opening presents, just our little family and Uncle Tyler who had spent the night. After showers and getting ourselves ready, we headed over to Grammy and Papa's house for a wonderful breakfast and more giftly festivities, thanks again Connie for preparing the breakfast.

A rare picture of me and my sweetie. It seems that one of us is always behind our camera, so it takes effort to remember to ask someone else to take a picture of us.
Chloe smeared beans in her hair during breakfast, it makes for some good hair gel!
Ready and waiting to open her gifts
Popity Pop Fun!
"Thank you Papa, I love you!"
Reading her new princess book with Grammy.
Miss Chloe was all about hugging her Auntie Monica on Christmas morning.
Does this look say mischief or what?! The beaned up, wild hair adds to it don't you think?
Brothers. Need I say more?
The afternoon and evening were spent back at our house with my family. This year was my first time hosting Christmas dinner, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Our nephew Milo is a bundle who commands snuggling! No one can resist him!
Getting four little ones to stay on the couch for a picture, let alone all smile and look at the camera was wishful thinking! But doesn't this picture capture what our lives are like as parents?
Tayden and Emma having way too much fun at the "kid's table".
My new favorite picture! I love you so much mom!
Welcome Auntie Kim!
We love you!
Mom with her daughters. You're joining a crazy, silly group of women Kim!
The guys. In all their masculine affection.
Oh so loved!
It's so neat to see the way God brings two families together through marriage. We had a great night at our house the day after Christmas playing Taboo with Kim's family, eating snacks, and getting to know each other better. Tyler couldn't have asked for better in-laws!


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Sarah, it looks like a wonderful Christmas for you guys! How special to have the whole family up, including future in-laws. =) And am so impressed that you cooked the Christmas dinner. My hat is off to you.

Looking forward to our coffee date!

stacey said...

i can tell you had a wonderful time with everyone! happy new year!

Elise said...

Beans for breakfast...hmmm. Sounds like a girl after my own heart! :)
Wonderful pics - so much fun! You're lovely, and so blessed. Praying for you, hugging you from afar...

Jacob said...

Beautiful home and family Sarah & Travis! Glad you are well!
: ) Lisa & Jacob Lonsdale
(we found your site on the Evans')

Beka said...

So sweet :-)
Your girls are precious!

Overwhelmed! said...

What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing!