Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ten things I LOVE about you!

Ever just get overcome with all the things you appreciate about your mate? Well, humor me while I relish in the blessing that is being married to Travis.

1. He works SO hard to provide for our family, which allows me to be home fulltime with our girls. He also works hard around the house. He just finished doing our whole backyard sprinkler system on his own!

2. He is so wise and dilligent in leading us in the management of our money.

3. He gets up with me when the girls are sick and jumps right in to cleaning up the "mess".

4. He lets me sleep in when I really need a few extra z's.

5. He is an amazing, affectionate, humorous, compassionate, and engaged father to our girls.

6. He still persues me with simple acts of romance and selflessness.

7. He shares his heart with me, his struggles and dreams and feelings, on a regular basis.

8. He tells me how wonderful he thinks I am, gives me genuine and specific compliments often.

9. He desires to grow in his spiritual leadership of our family.

10. He LIKES me, he enjoys spending time with me, joking, laughing, flirting, just doing things together that we both like.

There are way more than ten things I love about you babe, but this is just my little way of saying, I'm one lucky girl! Thanks for being just who you are.

Love, Sarah


Deidre said...

So sweet, Sarah! You are truly blessed to have such a great husband!

Beverly said...

Awwww -- that is truly special. You are blessed and so is he!

Carrie said...

What a great list! So sweet!
God bless :)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Travis is a great guy; a wonderful husband and father. I consider us blessed to be able to call you guys friends. =) And I think you and I are both pretty lucky to have the guys that we do. =)

Beka said...

That is so sweet! You are one blessed couple :-)

Amy said...

This is wonderful, Sarah! What a great way to honor your man!

Maryann said...

Oh, how you inspire me too take a second and truly reflect on my appreciation of my husband!!