Thursday, October 11, 2007


Our family has been hit with the stomach flu! It all began on Tuesday with Emma, then Chloe that night, then me, then my trooper husband was the last to be hit last night about midnight. Let's just say we've had enough foul bodily excretions to last us a lifetime in my book. But we are on the mend, praise the Lord. While we three girls were down and out, my wonderful man thoroughly cleaned and bleached their bathroom, shampooed the carpets, and cleaned the kitchen floor. The bleaching and laundry is in full swing today, we are determined to kill every last germ! That said, we had a wonderful weekend before this crud, at Harvest Farm, just north of our hometown. Enjoy the pictures below.
Love, Sarah


Carrie said...

Oh no I'm sorry to hear you all were sick! Hooray for being on the mend! Take care, God bless :)

Michelle said...

well thank goodness you were able to have a fun weekend before that bug hit! Ugh, sorry it went through your whole household, hope you're all on the mend now!

Elise said...

Oh no - I hope we didn't give it to you! :) It's yucky - so glad you're on the mend and bleaching away! :)

That Harvest Farm looks like so much fun! I've never seen a corn pile that you can play in like that - how great!

stacey said...

oh that looks like fun! the upchuck, not so much-feel better!