Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chloe Turns One!

I really had hoped to do this post yesterday, on Chloe's actual birthday, but as Mondays go, it just didn't happen. As expected, we just can't believe our baby Chloe is one year old! Her first year seemed to go even faster than Emma's did! I'm sure you seasoned parents are nodding in agreement that with each child, time seems to move faster. All I can say is, "Slow down!" I hope you enjoy these slide shows of Chloe's party and some pictures to recap the year. Miss Biddle Peep, miss Moseroo, our lives are so much brighter since you came into them! Our love for you is indescribable, you have become such an important and unique member of our family, we are truly blessed to be your parents. Kisses my baby, and may your second year be just as beautiful as your first!
Love, Mama, Dada, and Sister Em


Elise said...

Oh, Sarah - what great pictures! I love how Emma is looking at you in the first one - "Mama, are you okay?" :)

Happy birthday, Miss Chloe - you are blessed!

(Chloe was one of our choices for a name with Eliana!)

The Mom of 'em said...

I'm a blog lurker - thoroughly enjoying your blog. Your girls/family are ADORABLE and your blog content is heart-warming. I'm curious about the media player tool you have on your sidebar...if you are ever without something to do - feel free to tutor me on how to install that idea! I too use blogger...thanks! And Happy B-day Chloe!

Michelle said...

Happy 1st birthday Chloe! hope it was a magical one! The pictures/slideshow were great!

Amy said...

I remember when I first started stopping by your blog...you were about to have Chloe. Can't believe it has been a year! Your girls are so beautiful and I love how they really look like sisters. ~Amy