Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just for fun!

Who's who? These next four pictures are of Chloe and Emma, both at around 6-7 months. You can certainly tell they are sisters can't you! Can you guess who is who?
Emma and Mommy, January 2005
Chloe and Mommy, February 2007

Emma, February 2005Chloe, March 2007
Are my girls beautiful or what!?
Start saving up those cattle to stake your claim for your little sons:)


Munchkin Land said...

Oh my word Sarah... I can't get over how much your girls look alike!! You can't even tell a difference!! And yes, they are quite beautiful! Too bad we can't do arranged marriages any more, huh?!

Jennisa said...

I found your page through Bluebird blogs...I have had such a blast learning about your cute family! Please stop over sometime and say hi!